Days today are very well connected with the technology that is being updated everyday. Many Applications are being developed considering the necessity of the users. Recently, a new application has entered the Android market by name XENDER. It is a  fast file transfer app for Android mobile phones.


Xender is an application developed to transfer files from one mobile to another. We already have Bluetooth and NFC to do this. What’s new? There’s something special with this application. It can transfer files about 20MB in less than 15 seconds, where if the same sized file is sent over Bluetooth may take around 3-5min. 

What does it do?

This application creates a WiFi hotspot( generally used for Internet Sharing) whenever you create a link and transfers over it. Due to this, the speed of the file transfer is maximum.


Its very simple to send files through this app. The following steps gives you a clear view of how to use this app.
  1. Install the application from the store.
  2. After installing open the application and slide to the right twice and you can find START option there. When you press it, you can find the interface like this.
  1. You can send any applications or media available on your phone.
  2. But before that, you need to connect to the other devices. 
  3. You must create a group from the device from which you want send
  4. For that, press “CONNECT PHONE” option that is available at the bottom. Then you can see two options like this.
  1. If you are to send files, press “Create Group“.
  2. If you are to receive files, press “Join Group“.
  3. After clicking on Create group, you can find your device creates a link for others to find like this.
  1. If you click on Join Group, you can find the available devices to receive from like this.
  1. You can send files to multiple users at a time which is an added advantage of this application.
  2. You are done with this. By following the above steps, you can send or receive files. 
  3. Make sure you change the name, at the launch of  this application for the first time on your device.
  4. You can also invite your friends through various media by clicking the “Invite” option available.
Hope this applications comes in use for you people.