Recently, from the past week, I see most of my friends signing up for the FreeBasics offered by Facebook. I don’t really understand the reason behind them doing that, also I don’t think they knew anything about FreeBasics or initiated by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Let me tell you “Why you should stop responding to FreeBasics in India“.

stop responding to freebasics in india appeared earnest a while, with a phrase that is most used “Internet to everyone“. People were excited (even I was excited), but then the darker side of the story saw its light. Internet to everyone is a very good idea, but it definitely is not worth it, when a normal day-to-day user is limited to using the internet services. Do you think it is really worth it? Absolutely NO.

don't support freebasics in india

See the image above? It’s a trap. Don’t fall into it.

Make up your mind at least now. Because, without you knowing exactly what you are up to, Facebook is trying to suppress your internet access.

How? Let me explain that too.

What Is FreeBasics & Trying To Do?

We normally select internet service packs, pay money to the service provider and use the internet. But, according to or FreeBasics (whatever the name might be), it doesn’t work the same way. Let’s see how it works.

  • Few big companies, who make a deal with Facebook, will be made available for free to the user, while the rest of the web will be a paid service (even after you paying for the internet connectivity to your ISP).
  • The Web might fall apart, as not every single company (small scale or medium scale) can afford to make a deal with Facebook. So, you won’t have the privilege of accessing any content on the web even after you paid for internet connectivity to your ISP.

Why You Should Stop Responding To FreeBasics In India

So, or FreeBasics is not connecting the world, but is trying to completely suppress the internet freedom to the users. Do you think you can manage to browse by paying an extra sum for every website you visit (in addition to the already paid sum for internet connectivity) ? had listed 10 reasons that clearly explains why you should stop responding to FreeBasics in India.

Gigaom had a sentence at the end in an article with title, “Facebook’s stumbles in India” that puts you and me to think for a while. Let’s see what the team at Gigaom had to say.

“This is a battle to decide whether it is better to have free access to a limited internet, or costly access to a free internet.”

How To Correct The Wrong You Just Did?

What do you think? Are you still in support to the FreeBasics and

I guess you must have changed your mind to oppose it. But what could you possibly do if you have already signed up for FreeBasics (tempted by the notifications on Facebook) ?

Before 30th of December 2015, sign in a petition to TRAI, that you oppose the FreeBasics campaign initiated by Facebook. 

Just visit¬† and click on “Respond to TRAI now“. You will be redirected to your mail account. Send the petition. And that shows, you are not in favor of FreeBasics. And yeah, Digital Equality or FreeBasic or whatever might be the (tempting) name to sign up, they’re all working on just the opposite to what you think. So, you definitely have to Respond to TRAI to stop all this nonsense and let internet be free as it is now.

It’s time to save our internet freedom and please be a part of it. Also, share this article as much as possible to bring awareness and ask your friends to sign the petition in opposition to FreeBasics. Thank You.