With the recent release of Apple iPhone 7, there were too many trolls, for there is not 3.5mm audio jack in both iPhone 7 & 7Plus. The trolls are all pointless and in fact stupid. Removing 3.5mm audio jack has been rumored way before there is an official announcement, and it is not an unexpected update. However, when there is no official news about it, everyone was disappointed as we have no idea about the lightning ear pods that ships inside the box, along with the phone. There actually is nothing to be sad about, as there are ear pods that come in support with the lightning port.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Source: mirror.co.uk

You might argue that you will not be able to listen to music while the phone is being charged. But, ask yourselves this: ‘How many times have you used your phone to listen to music while charging?‘  If you are among those who does that a lot, then you have a reason to be upset, but not the others.

Trolls On Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

The trolls are not just confined to removal of 3.5mm audio jack, but there were way too many in regards to other areas as well. Let us see each of them, one at a time.

Price Factor: Trolls Say The Price Is Too High

Of course, the price will be too high. Apple never intended to sell its smartphones to everyone with different financial capabilities. It only targets the higher class, who can afford the phone with ease. Apple was once a ‘Symbol Of Status‘, and now almost everyone is using an Apple device, regardless of their financial situation.

The demand of Apple would never go down from those who can actually afford it. If you cannot afford it, you can simply purchase a smartphone that is available for you to grab at a comfortable price range. Just because you cannot afford it, doesn’t give you the right to make pointless and illogical statements.

Specifications: Less RAM, They Say!

People who complain that the RAM is very less in Apple devices are from a very different planet. Just because you own an Android device with 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM, doesn’t really mean Apple should also add more RAM to its devices.

For the performance of a smartphone, you have several other specifications to consider apart from RAM. Oh, wait! You must already be knowing about it. Don’t you? You just needed something to troll about, and you got one. Plain stupid!!!

As I am not mentioning any of the earlier iPhone models, let me tell you this.

iPhone 7 stands top when tested on Geekbench, beating Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7.

apple iPhone 7 geekbench score
Source: Gizmotimes

So, do you still think, RAM is solely responsible for performance? Nah, I don’t think you still do, but you also wouldn’t admit it yet.

Update: There’s new story saying that the results were fake. Officially, there’s no proper information.

‘This Is The Best iPhone We Made So Far’: Apple says this every year, and you’re frustrated!

Yes, every time they make an announcement on the new model of an iPhone, more or less, this happens to be their line: “This is the best iPhone we have made so far“. You find it funny, don’t you?

If you did find it irritating, let me tell you this.

What they say, is what they believe in. Have you ever had the gut to tell what you believed in? No? Well, I thought so.

Every time, innovation is what makes things different. Apple focuses on stability and performance. Not just the design.

A9 chip was once the best performance chipset on a smartphone. This year, they came up with A10, and told you the same, that it is the best processing chip ever made. You laughed at it, didn’t you? Well, the Geekbench results proved it, didn’t it?

Oh, wait! Now you’d say, the numbers on Geekbench are nothing. Isn’t it? And the irony is, you were the one who kept bragging about your Android device’s score on Geekbench. Shame!

iPhone 7 Jetblack Variant is dope! Oh, really?

apple iphone 7 jetblack
Source: TechTimes

When the Jetblack variant is announced, they officially had advised you to use a protective case, just to avoid scratches. How stupid are they?

Standing up to the fact, the reality, staying true to the customers is what they should never have done. Jetblack is a fingerprint magnet, also can easily be prone to many scratches if not used properly. It is true, and they didn’t hide it and let customers know about it after purchasing.

So, you got another chance to troll about. Isn’t it?

I mean, seriously, if you do not like it, just don’t buy it. Go with Matte Black instead.

Air Pods, What a Waste!

Apple air pods
Source: CNBC

Too many trolls are solely based on these Apple Air Pods. Again, the fact that they are priced high is one of the reasons for most of the trolls. Use the same logic again: ‘If you can afford it, go for it. If you cannot, there’s no need to worry about them.’

Before the official announcement, we had no idea about the ear pods with lightning port support. At that moment, it is completely reasonable to troll, or be frustrated about Apple ditching the 3.5mm audio jack and pricing the Air Pods too high.

But after realizing the fact that we get ear pods inside the box along with the smartphone, and a converter that lets you connect your old headphones/earphones/ear pods to the lightning port, there is no point in trolling for Air Pods.

But, why do they have to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack?

If you have any idea about the space occupied by 3.5mm audio jack inside the phone, on the board, you’d understand why Apple had to ditch it. It adds up a lot of space on the board i.e; makes the room empty, which either can be used to make the smartphone thinner, or add up some other hardware. I personally feel it is a good move.

If you’re not convinced with me, do definitely take a look at what Brent Royal-Gordon has to say regarding the same, on Quora.

Final Word

I respect your opinion completely, but I do not agree on trolling for such silly reasons. Just because you can’t own it for some reason or the other doesn’t mean you get to post pointless trolls.

If there is some sense, you are more than welcome to comment about it. Don’t be a hater, just because you see few others. Also don’t be a fanboy, just because you see few others. Self-perception is what you need.

I am not an Apple fanboy or an Android hater. I use an iPad and an Android smartphone. The above things that I said are what you need to consider if you’re blindly hating the new iPhone 7. Do let us know what you think, in the comment section below, and don’t be hateful. Thank You.