Do you know the fact, that you can very easily know the passwords saved on any browser with just one click? If not, then you must definitely read this. It is interesting to know the passwords that are already saved on Web Browsers. Its more or less like a simple hack. Once you know the password, you can login and also modify the password from their account. Of course, it can only be possible if the saved password on browser and the actual password are the same. Now, let me tell you Where to find saved passwords in Chrome or any other browsers on PC/Laptop.

Where To Find Saved Passwords in Chrome And Other Browsers

As I already mentioned, you can find the saved passwords in chrome with one click. It is much more easier than what you must be thinking right now. Don’t curse me once I reveal this process 😛

Follow the below steps to find out the saved passwords in Chrome, Internet explorer or any other web browser. Also screenshots are attached for you to understand much better.

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Step-1: Open the site where there already is a username & password saved. Let us assume the site to be Facebook for now.

Step-2: In the password field, since you can only see ‘*’ but nothing else, you have to right click in the box/field for the password.

Step-3: Among all the options available, click on “Inspect Element” and then you can see multiple lines of code written which is opened in a new window (or) in the bottom section of the same window.

where to find saved passwords in chrome

Step-3: If you observe carefully, you can find a line of code with “type=password”. Hover your cursor on it and double click on ‘password’. You can now edit as per your wish.

saved passwords

Step-4: Now, change the “type=password” to “type=text” and press ‘Enter’. That’s it. If you now check the password, the hidden password will be visible to you 😉

how to check saved password in internet explorer


facebook password recovery

This is a just a small edit in the HTML code of the browser, of that particular page. However, if you refresh the window, it will be again changed to secure mode (‘*’). But, it still is a flaw in all the browsers. What might possibly happen if your saved password fell into the wrong hands and they misuse your profile?

Please DO NOT use this for any illegal practices. We are not responsible for any of such.

If anything as such happens, please do immediately reset your password through your linked mail account. Hope you like this article and I’m sure most of you want to try it for sure. Happy stealing 😛 If you like our work, please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank you.

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