WhatsApp call feature for Windows Smartphones
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After a long time, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the WhatsApp Call Feature For Windows smartphones today. WhatsApp call has been active on Android for quite some time. But, the Windows Phone users were not satisfied as there was no Call feature update from WhatsApp. It always takes sometime for updates to the apps on Windows Store, but this very call feature from WhatsApp has taken a very long time, we could say.

Early today, I received a notification for the update on my Lumia 620 and I was finally relieved as WhatsApp call feature has been added to the Windows Phone. WhatsApp has finally rolled out its calling feature to Windows Phone 8 and above. You can make calls through WhatsApp on your Wi-Fi or Data services enabled and working good. And you cannot call the emergency services through WhatsApp Call 😉

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WhatsApp updated its Windows Phone users with the calling feature. However, there is a hint that, WhatsApp is also going to update its Android app soon, where the users will be able to search through out a conversation for a word or a phrase. This sounds pretty interesting, as sometimes we might actually need it. There still is no official announcement regarding this update.

If you still haven’t received the WhatsApp update, don’t worry. You’ll soon get it on your Windows Phone and then you’re free to make calls to your friends all over the world who has this very same facility available with them. If you like our work, please Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.