Are you not waiting for free WhatsApp call feature from long time? If yes, then consider yourselves to be happy now. Recenlty, there has been an update of WhatsApp to version 4.0.0 that enables the WhatsApp call feature. You can now easily use WhatsApp to call your friends over the internet. This WhatsApp free calls feature rolled out on 31-01-2015. There has been an official notification on the update while one user had already updated to this latest version of WhatsApp that has the WhatsApp call feature enabled.

We all know on the development of WhatsApp. WhatsApp was founded by two software engineers. And if you consider to know the reason behind the development of WhatsApp and on details of WhatsApp Free calls, go through this post.

Reason Behind The Origin Of WhatsApp

Before moving into the story of the reason behind the origin of WhatsApp, let me clarify you one thing. This story is expected to be true, while there isn’t any strong evidence to prove this.

So, now coming to the story, one engineer has the habit of working out at the Gym. At Gym, none were allowed to carry their mobile phones with them. And this Engineer had to leave the phone in his car or at home at the Gym time. But, he happened to miss some important phone calls whenever he returned and checked his mobile phone. This happened for a while and then an idea stuck his mind.

If I’m an Engineer, why should I leave this personal issue of mine? Let me find a solution to get rid of this.” This was hs thought and so thought on creating an App that can receive messages online using the Data services. That made him work on it and he also took the help of one more hand developing this app.

One strict rule he followed is, there should be no annoying Ads EVER to be displayed on WhatsApp. This very strict rule is because, he doesn’t like annoying ads popping out his screen while using any app. So, he set the users out of it in the app he designed it. And then he thought, “There isn’t any need to promote this application. I would just have to tell my colleagues so that they could send me texts easily.” And now, as we see, it is one of the most used applications across the globe. Though  there are many other services that are similar to WhatsApp, people still loved WhatsApp.

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Details On The WhatsApp Call Feature

WhatsApp call is the new feature that comes with the update to WhatsApp Version 4.0.0. It is the most awaited feature from WhatsApp, since many of the other apps like Hike, Line, Viber etc have already been using this feature from many days.

New updates to WhatsApp were slow ever since Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg had overtaken WhatsApp to his hands purchasing it at an estimated price of $19 Billion (approximately). The latest update other than the WhatsApp call feature is the WhatsApp Blue. WhatsApp blue update had many rumors before its release and also had many controversies after the release. Some people loved this feature while some didn’t.

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WhatsApp call feature enables WhatsApp free calls using data services with no extra money being charged from the network provider. The update on the notification of WhatsApp call feature first appeared on Reditt. A user had updated his WhatsApp already and then started this news spreading fast.

WhatsApp call feature


The above image shows the home screen on WhatsApp new update. You can see all the call logs in the Calls section provided. The update, however has not been received by all the users. It is still under process while users are being notified on the update from Playstore slowly. Once you receive the update, please update your WhatsApp to version 4.0.0 to experience the WhatsApp call feature immediately. Also share your views on this new feature in the comment below. Do not forget to Subscribe To Interest Waypoint below. Thank You. Have a nice day 🙂

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