In the recent mobile market, we have three famous OS available. ANDROID Vs iOS Vs WINDOWS OS. Every OS is unique in its features, security and privacy. Android OS has brought a revolution in smartphones. The smartphones usage hike has been seen after the release of Android. It is more widely used than any other OS due its features. It is an open source, which allows people to develop it according to their required design. Windows OS has been a failure at the beginning and the sales have been increased later in the past 2 years. iOS is something very different and it follows its standards and design. The branding is what makes it unique and elegant.

Android Vs iOS Vs Windows

When you are to buy a mobile phone, the first thing you need to consider is your budget to OS. After deciding your budget, you need to check for the available phones in that price range. And selecting the best among them comes the next. But, selecting the platform that the mobile uses is also equally important. It depends on how you want to use your mobile.


Android Vs iOS Vs Windows
When it comes to Android, we have many phones in the market with price ranging right from 4000 to 50000 or above. The OS can be modified according to the company and releases into the market. Not considering the interface or performance ( Just considering OS), Android can be preferred more to any other OS as there is a constant release of new applications. You can find a lot of applications, all most all the applications you need in Android. So, if you generally prefer a smartphone to your laptop, choosing Android is better.


Windows OS, provides you an interface that runs smooth on any windows compatible devices. The devices that use Windows OS doesn’t hang or lag generally. RAM of about 1GB for a Windows mobile will run just great compared to Android. Windows phones provide more security to Android. The users of the windows are less compared to Android and that makes it less vulnerable to Virus attacks. ( More the number of users, More will be the virus attack). But, the applications or games offered in Windows platform much more less compared to Android or iOS. So, you can chose this for security and speed, but if you are the one who needs more applications, this shouldn’t be a choice.


This is used for Apple products. There’s nothing much to say about this. Rather, its more secured than any other OS. And it also offers a handful of applications. The design and brand is what made this OS very famous and popular. It runs very smooth and fast on its devices. These devices can be well connected among themselves but are not configured to connect to other devices via Bluetooth etc. This sometimes could be an irritating issue in iPhone’s. Except for the brand, the price is too high for the provided features.


One must surely understand that there is a lot of difference between these two terms. Windows and iOS provide better security than Android, but Android offers better privacy than these two. One who wants his/her phone with great privacy, should definitely go for ANDROID.