SEO – The most heard word to bloggers and the most confusing, complex and tiring process to follow. Without SEO, no blogger could be gaining traffic or earning penny. In this article, we learn on the basic concepts of SEO and the answer to the most common question by newbies, “WHAT IS SEO?” It seems so complex at the beginning when you have no idea on what it is and why it has to be followed. But, as the days passes, you can get some grip over it. It may take you a while for you to be successful even if you follow the correct SEO techniques. So, let us now start with SEO and then to the answer for “What is SEO?”.

what is seo


SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. There are many types of SEO techniques that are followed by bloggers and each might differ. So, why do we need to follow SEO? As the name itself says, it must be followed in order to optimize your blog/site for better ranking on search engines. Ranking better on search engines will give you more traffic. And having huge organic traffic obviously earns you your pocket money. There are several techniques for SEO. We can also consider to divide SEO into two sub’s. They are, ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO. So, by here you now know, “What is SEO?”.

Let me not confuse so much. To be straight and simple, there are only few things you need to do, to rank better. Ofcourse, following this process might take you more time, but it is the best.

There some simple Search Engine Optimization techniques that would help you rank better. The below are some among them.

  • Create a blog that has a template/design that is already SEO optimized. It is important to find some good design. If you are unable to find one, no problem. Put up a good template which you could get free from WORDPRESS.
  • Using Keyword tool is the next most important thing to be considered for better results. Keywords with low or medium competitions would be a better option to chose.
  • Link Building is another search engine optimization technique. When someone asks a question, “What is SEO?”, the first answer for that would be to create Backlinks. Link building or backlinks hold the same meaning but has a slighter difference. So, try concentrating on building backlinks.
  • Using Social media is another method to achieve link popularity. These do not give you any backlinks, but are helpful for your blog to gain popularity.
  • Use, Google analytics to keep track of your visitors. This may not seem useful when you have low traffic, but will be of a greater use when your traffic is high.
  • Internal linking of your blog is very important. This is often called as ON-PAGE SEO. Link with relevant articles of your own blog in each and every post.

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These are some of the best Search Engine Optimization techniques to rank better on Google or any other search engines.


seo tips

Earning revenue through blog is slightly difficult. There are some Ad networks that pays you when someone on your blog clicks the Ads. The best chosen ad network for now is GOOGLE ADSENSE. It pays you more than any other Ad network available. It is also easy to get approved by Adsense if you strictly follow their guidelines. And try not to get banned from Google. Here are ” Possible reasons for Adsense account ban.”

So, by now you must be clear with the question “What is SEO” and how to follow some ON-PAGE SEO techniques. The above are some seo tips that you should follow.


After you get the answer for “What is SEO?” and some SEO tips, now its time you know about some Advanced SEO tips. As I mentioned above, they are some SEO tips, but for beginners. Following those tips would help you get good result. But for better result, one must have a good grip on Search Engine optimization techniques. Here are some advanced SEO tips.


  • Dofollow tag and Nofollow tags must be very useful for your blog to gain some traffic.
  • Dofollow is nothing but to tell the search engine bots to crawl and Index your blog on their search engines.
  • Nofollow is asking them not to index that particular page.

You need to edit the html code to manually change some particular link to dofollow or nofollow and that’s very simple.


Guest posting on other blogs and providing a dofollow link to your blog will help you get a backlink and also traffic. If you guest post on some high PR blogs, the chance for your blog to rank better on Search engines is also more.


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