Indian Government is working hard towards digital inclination throughout the nation. Digital India is one such scheme that will cover entire country’s digital growth. Here we will discuss some of the common facts/digital India products that have helped (or are going to help in future) Indians in terms of saving their time and comfort.

Impressive Digital India Products


digital india products digilocker

As the name says, DigiLocker is relevant to a locker that is maintained at cloud (or simply we can call it digital level) level. With DigiLocker, you don’t need to carry hard copies of your important documents anymore. Simply save them onto DigiLocker once and forget the annoyance of carrying their hard copies anymore.

Talking about security then you don’t need to worry at that point also. It comes with best in class security from top government sources that is further coupled with Aadhar Card layer/protection (paired up with biometrics). In short it is not that easy to break in through the system and simply hack your personal details. Forget about it, upload your important documents like mark sheets, Aadhar Card, Ration Card etc ad use them wherever required.

Digital Signature (e sign India)

digital india

Digital Signature is another D-India product that helps the user with carrying his/her signature on the cloud platform. You can use digital signature at all the places where the usual signature is required. The Government has started building infrastructure for D-Signature initiative and we will soon be able to implement it completely. It will be linked with Aadhar Card system so you will not need to worry about privacy and safety.

Enhancements To Existing Government Processes

Under Digital India initiative, Government has started working towards enhancement of existing processes also. It includes enhancement in UIDAI, LPG, Ration Card, Passport and few other areas.

Aadhar Card can now be integrated directly with bank accounts which allow users to avail subsidy directly into their bank accounts and thus restricting the access of middle man.

Talking about enhancements in Ration Card process then now users can apply online for Ration Card in most of the states (states which have not yet implemented online ration card process are in their way towards implementing it soon).

Passport Service has improved a lot. We can now think of getting rapid passport in case of emergencies. All thanks to the initiatives made by Government in association with digital products that are getting launched at regular intervals.

Use Of Technology In Making Government’s Work Easy

Digital Technology can help Government at all levels. With the help of analytics, we can now extract useful reports that can be used in planning schemes at various levels. We can now track attendance and the working time of government employees which can help with improving the overall performance and productivity ofGovernment offices.

A normal Indian citizen can now share his/her views directly with officials. All thanks to digital technology for making it happen in real world.

As you can extract from above discussion, Digital India initiative has helped (still in progress) Government through various ways. Kindly let us know if you have experienced any such improvements in real life or have something else to share.