In my previous post, I’ve mentioned the tips and rules for the newbie bloggers. Whatever the platform you use for blogging, using keywords is the most basic step in blogging. I’ve already mentioned all the details on using keywords. You can see it here. Now in this post, I will tell you the basics on using Adwords keyword planner to gain some decent traffic. Even though you know all the rules, you might be in a situation not knowing how to use this keyword planner. So, here I will provide you the complete details on using keyword planner.


This keyword tool can also be called as “Keyword suggestion tool”. It suggests the keywords that you plan to write on. The average monthly searches on Google will be displayed there, so you could easily pick some of them which you think suits you the best. If you are not even sure of what to search, then Google for “most searched keywords”. This will give you a list, where you could choose any one among them and start writing.

Using Adwords Keyword Tool is very simple and is just a three step process.

  • Open the Adwords page and click on “Tools” icon there.
  • You can find “Keyword Planner” icon there. Click it.

You will then be redirected to a page that appears to be like this.

adwords keyword planner

  • Later click on the first available option and then you can see a screen like this. Enter the keyword as per your wish and click on “Get Ideas” at the bottom. Suppose, you need keywords on iPhone 6, then enter it like this and Click “Get Ideas” at the bottom.



  • You can see a screen like this. Click on Keyword Ideas and now you can see all the keywords with average monthly searches. Select a keyword and follow the rules I already mentioned here.


Now you are done. Select one target keyword with moderate searches and some more with a little higher searches and focus on those keywords. Don’t use them irrelevant to the content or sentence. This is all you need to know for your keyword research.

This post is open for all your queries. Feel free to comment and share. Thank you.