Hello Apple fan boys and users. I hope you’re having a great time with the release of iOS 9 for your Apple devices. Did you update your device to iOS 9? If you haven’t, first please update your Apple device to iOS 9. I have to admit, iOS 9 is pretty awesome with many improvements and yes, I’m loving it. No matter how many more features are added to the every new version of iOS, battery backup of the device lies in our hands. Yes, you heard it right. We are responsible for long battery backup or a very short one. Though, we cannot alter it to a very large extent, we can follow some tweaks to improve battery backup in iOS 9 running Apple devices. And that is what exactly you are going to get in this post here. So, brace yourselves to follow just a few simple tweaks to improve battery backup in iOS 9 running Apple devices. Let’s get started then, shall we?

tweaks to improve battery backup in iOS 9 Apple devices

What Eats Most Of Your iPhone’s Battery?

Before diving directly into the tweaks to improve battery backup in iOS 9 running Apple devices, shouldn’t you know a little on what takes out most of your battery usage in a day? I do realize the fact that, it differs from iPhone – iPad – iPod. However, to some extent, they do share a little similarity with the battery usage. Let us see what they are.

Extensive Usage

If you are using your Apple device extensively with the screen turned on most of the time, there is nothing you could do, but expect a faster battery drain (and also the device heating up to some extent). So, if you have no other option but to keep the screen turn on, try to reduce the screen brightness. It would help you save a few minutes of extra backup.


Have more number of Applications installed on your device? Then, more is the chance for your device to a faster battery drain. Applications eat a lot of battery power to run (either in the foreground or in the background). You need to monitor the activities of these applications to save your battery. To know how, keep scrolling down. I’ll tell you how to monitor the applications, and luckily, it is very simple.

 WiFi & Cellular Networks

This is a known fact that WiFi & Cellular Networks consume most of the battery. Turning these off when not needed (obviously not for the iPhone) can increase the battery backup of your device.

Now that you have seen the most common issues which consume most of the battery on your Apple devices, let us see how you can improve the battery backup of Apple devices running on iOS 9.

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Tweaks To Improve Battery Backup In iOS 9 Running Apple Devices

I would not like to brag anymore into common stuffs, but am straight away getting you to the simple tweaks to improve battery backup of Apple devices running on iOS 9.

Enable Low Power Mode

enable low power mode in Apple iOS 9

Enabling Low Power Mode can improve the battery backup to a slighter extent. Low Power Mode reduces or completely turns off the background app refresh, mail sync, automatic downloads etc only until you plug-in your device and charge it fully. So, you can happily enable it to save your battery, and need not worry about disabling it (unless you are in a desperate need to download something even on a low battery). You can enable Low Power Mode at Settings->Battery->Low Power Mode.

Bat an Eye On The Apps Running In Background

Sometimes, it is also possible that few apps consume battery even when the screen is turned off. You wouldn’t even know that it is happening. Luckily, you can find out which application is draining your device’s battery when locked. You can look out it in the settings. At Settings->Battery, you will be given with a list of apps & others that are consuming your device’s battery power.

In case if you find an app consuming more power even when you’re not using it, restrict its background processing access (or uninstall it if it is not an essential one for you).

Reduce Visual Effects On Your iPhone (Or) Other Apple Devices

Yes. Having high visual effects is also responsible for you apple device’s faster battery consumption. In case if you have reduced the visual effects, you might find a little increase in the battery performance. 3D Wallpapers & other dynamic effects can attract you more, but they constantly make the graphic processor running which in-turn is responsible for a faster battery drain. So, try to use static wallpaper and minimized visual effects to increase the battery backup.

Playing Music At High Volume

Also, it seems that playing the music on high volume also effects battery consumption somehow. I am very much surprised as you are (at this moment), but found it to be true. You can either plug-in headphones or reduce the volume a little, to reduce battery consumption. However, you might not be able to observe the results. Don’t blame me.

Don’t Quit Apps That You Might Use Often

Most users tend to quit all apps before locking the screen by double tapping the home button and swiping up the apps running. Quittin Apps does not improve the battery life, but puts a lot of pressure on the RAM for re-loading the app into the memory . So, if you’re about to use it often, don’t quit. Instead, leave it running. You do not have worry a bit that it might drain your battery, if you have restricted the background processing of that particular app.

So, it is a better choice to turn of background processing and then not quit the application. Try it and let me know the results. It would be a positive result for sure, I can assure.

Do Not Leave Your iPhone Plugged In After Full Charge

Many users seem to have this bad habit of leaving back the iPhone to charge even after it is fully charged to 100%. This can completely damage the battery of your iPhone. If you are doing this for a long time, don’t you dare to speak a word out of your mouth about low battery backup on your iPhone. You just can’t. It’s completely your mistake and you’re now being punished for that.

Other Generic Ways To Improve Battery Life

I know you would be cursing me for what I am going to tell you now. But, sometimes, you have to admit these facts too. I am going to tell you few generic ways to improve battery backup for Apple devices, which you would not follow for obvious reasons. Anyways, here we go.

Disable: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE connections, iCloud & Air Drop, Location Services.

Or, simply turn off your iPhone – iPad – iPod. Isn’t this great? Haha..!


These are few simple tweaks to improve battery backup of Apple devices running on iOS 9 which I could gather to my knowledge. Let me know any other ways you know or that have worked for you to improve battery performance in iOS 9 running Apple devices. Thank You.