Do you like Facebook Messenger? Do you want to chat in the same way in WhatsApp by the use of Chat Heads? Are now wondering why am I asking you this question when no such feature is available in the present version of WhatsApp? Well, don’t be surprised if I say that you can use the Chat Heads for WhatsApp, the way you use it in Messenger. We will tell you about this WhatsApp trick. Keep reading to know how this is even possible. Smartphones are all about smart ways of communicating and perhaps this is the reason why Chat Heads exist.

What Do Chat Heads do?

whatsapp trick to get chatheads like messenger

Chat Heads basically integrates messaging seamlessly into your Android phone’s UI. Chat Heads are like small bubble that pop up whenever someone texts you and you can make them stay out of the way when you don’t actually need them. You can do multitasking whenever you are using Chat Heads because you don’t need to navigate to a separate screen for chatting.

You must be knowing that the current version of WhatsApp don’t offer you the privilege of using Chat Heads but don’t be upset because rumors have been circling around that the upcoming version of WhatsApp will give you the chance of enjoying Chat Heads while messaging.

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So, the big question that lies ahead of you is that how can you enjoy Chat Heads when they are not officially available? The answer is very simple. For getting Chat Heads for WhatsApp messages you have to rely on a third party. One important requirement for getting this Chat Head by the third party is that you smartphone must have root access.

How To Get Chat Heads For WhatsApp?

If your smartphone is rooted then follow the steps mentioned below to get Chat Heads for WhatsApp messages.

Step 1: Download ‘ Chat Heads for WhatsApp ’ available in Google Play Store for free of cost.

Step 2:Install ‘ Chat Heads for WhatsApp ’ on your smartphone.

Step 3: Run ‘ Chat Heads for WhatsApp ’ application on your smartphone.

Step 4: Click on ‘Allow root access’ when the notification bar appears in the application.

Step 5: A popup asking to enable accessibility service will appear. Click ‘OK’ to give the permission.

Step 6: You will now be directed to the accessibility setting where you need to turn on ‘Seebye Chat Heads’.

chat heads for whatsapp

Voila! Now you can use Chat Heads for WhatsApp messages. There will be a difference between the Facebook Messenger Chat Heads and the Chat Heads that you are using for WhatsApp, but still you can enjoy the new interface.

Round Up

Now, whenever someone texts you on WhatsApp, a small bubble will appear showing the profile picture of the contact. Tap on the bubble and the conversation window will open up. Once you are done texting, you can collapse the bubble to its original form again.

You can also have fun in moving the bubble to various positions on the screen. Does this sound exciting? Are you now running to search the Chat Heads for WhatsApp in Google Play Store? Share your experience with us after using Chat Heads for WhatsApp. Now that you know about this WhatsApp trick, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, please do Subscibe To Interest Waypoint. Thank you.