Do you misplace your items and get frustrated while finding it? I believe, most of you belong to the same category and so do I. I often get into a situation finding the things I misplaced at the peak moments when I had to hurry. If everything you have has its own place at your home, then you might not end up in such situations. With the stress we deal everyday, it is nearly impossible to always place things steadily. Since we cannot change our attitude, we now have a device, TrackR-A coin shaped Dongle, that finds your lost items whenever you need if you are in the nearby vicinity.

Complete Details On TrackR-A Coin Shaped Dongle

TrackR-A coin shaped dongle

TrackR’s are the Bluetooth low-energy powered dongles that help us find the lost/misplaced items such as Wallets, Keys, Purse, Bag etc. These devices are also being upgraded to communicate with peer-to-peer connections with other TrackR devices. This allows the devices to extend the network area when you’re connected to the other TrackR device, in case if a single TrackR device doesn’t find your misplaced items due to the range issues.

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The dongles use replaceable batteries and they’re able to communicate with the near by Android or iPhone app upto 100 feet distance. If the distance is out of its range, they would however disconnect. In such situations, they send the last known GPS location of the item for reference to your mobile. In the app you have an option to ring the TrackR device to find the item easily. The TrackR device must be synced with your smart phone and you can operate it through an app that can be downloaded from the store.

How Does It Work?

TrackR to find lost items

The TrackR device must be attached to the item to find it using the application on your smartphone. It is not possible to find an item if it doesn’t have the TrackR device attached to it. So, you need to select the most important (or) most misplaced item and attach the TrackR to it. Once you open the application on your smartphone, you can find an option to ring the TrackR and hence find it. The TrackR device and your smartphone will be synced and so you can also be able to find your phone if it is misplaced. TrackR comes with a button on it which when pressed, your smartphone will start ringing even if it is in silent mode (after all that is the main reason to give this option). If your phone isn’t in silent mode, you could just call it from other mobile to find it, isn’t it?

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TrackR also has distance indicator to indicate the distance of your smartphone from the device. You can get the notification alert on your app and so you can avoid going out of the range. The TrackR app is available only for Android and iPhone users. Windows users still have to wait for some more time. There is no official announcement that the developers come with an app and device compatible with Windows phones.

Get The TrackR App For Android

Get The TrackR App For iPhone

Though the use of this very device is little less for normal or ordinary people, it might come in use to some, those who deal with several items and have something very important among them. With TrackR, you are not actually finding the item you misplaced, rather you’re just finding the TrackR device by ringing it.

Get Introduced To TrackR

For its customers to have a clear idea on what TrackR actually is and how it works, the developers also had come up with a video on its official site. You can check out the video and pre-order the device here. We also have a way to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android easily. Hope you like our work. Please do subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You. Have a good day 🙂