Stumbling on this post, I understand your need to access banned sites; be it at your workplace or college. If you are a regular newsreader you will also know that in many places of the world, internet access is monitored. With monitoring of internet access has come the internet censorship in most of the countries. Even in the largest democratic country, India banned websites has become common everywhere. My college has also banned many social networking sites and many of my friends complain about the difficulties that they face when they try to access their favourite websites while working.

Are you one of the many people in the world who is tired of these blocking stuffs? I guess the answer’s a YES and that is why you have stumbled across this website while searching for the solution. Freedom is the basic human right and today we will show you the freedom of accessing the banned sites by giving you the top 5 ways to access banned sites. Let’s not waste anymore time. Read further to know the top 5 ways to access banned sites.

Top 5 Ways To Access Banned Sites

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1. Ultrasurf

Even when your institution or office has set internet filters, you can access banned sites by using Ultrasurf which is a proxy software. It allows to bypass banned sites easily, that too without installation!

Ultrasurf will not only give access to the banned sites but will also hide your IP address. Does it sound like a good news? Make yourself ready for more good news. Ultrasurf won’t cost you a penny and it is portable which means that you can even carry it in your pen drive. Just plug in your pen drive whenever you come in touching base with a network that denies access.

Now let’s discuss how to you use Ultrasurf. You don’t need to do anything apart from downloading Ultrasurf from its official website for accessing banned sites. Ultrasurf doesn’t need any installation, just double tap on .exe file and it will get ready to work. The internet explorer browser will pop out as soon as you do it. Voila! Now you are ready access banned sites of your choice.

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2. Tor Browser Bundle

Possibilities are always there. Right? So, it is possible that your college or office has smartly banned proxy websites. Aren’t we shrewder than them to access the banned sites? Tor Browser Bundle will help you if your higher authorities are smart. You can take hint from the name, Tor Browser Bundle has bundles of layers that use many proxies to gain the access of banned sites.

Just like Ultrasurf, Tor Browser doesn’t need any installation software. Just download Tor Browser Bundle from their official website. Then click on the ‘Run’ option. After that, open the file with the name ‘Start Tor Browser.exe’.

After you do this, a new browser window will open spontaneously and the onion situated at the bottom of the taskbar will turn green. Do you know what does that mean? It means that you have received the green signal to access banned sites. Congrats!

3. Online Translator

This is one of the easiest ways to gain access to the banned sites while faking innocence. You must have heard about Google Translator. But did you hear the fact that Google Translator will provide you a way to access banned sites? All you have to do is to enter the blocked website URL in the column named, ‘Translate a webpage’ and then you have to select the language in which you want to read the web content.

You can even choose English to English as an option! Then just click on the ‘Translate’ option and you will be able to access the content of the banned site inside the Google Translator Page itself. Isn’t it cool?

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4. Snipurl

Snipurl works by using the method of URL Redirection. It basically reduces the URL of the blocked website and then it uses the reduced URL to visit the blocked website.

First try to open the blocked website. Once you do that you will get the long URL. Now open the URL of the banned site in the column named ‘Long URL’ and then just tap on ‘Snip It’ option. After snipping it, you will be gifted a condensed URL. Note that URL in your favourite place. Whenever you will enter the shortened URL, you will be given access to the banned site.

5. ZenMate

When I am talking about ZenMate, I am assuming that you are using Google Chrome. This is because you can download ZenMate easily in Chrome Web Store. Don’t worry when I specifically mention Google Chrome because ZenMate works in most of the browser like Opera and FireFox. Use your ISP to download this auto proxify extension.

First you have to install the extension and in the second step you have to make a free account with ZenMate. After doing everything at free of cost, you only have to start browsing the web by using ZenMate proxy server. It is one of the most reliable ways to access banned sites.

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So, finally you have the top five ways to access banned sites. Happy browsing your banned sites! We do care about your needs and therefore we have come to your rescue. We have provided with you the solution. With the solution, we want to give you a free warning. Access the banned site on your own risk. Remember that there can be serious consequences if your actions come into light in front of a higher authority. Do not think you cannot be traced while using any of the above mentioned ways. No illegal works at all, okay? Have a good day. We’d love to see you Subscribe To Interest Waypoint for more ineresting news.