Deleting a file without intent is quite possible. You never know when or why the same could happen with you. While our PC/Laptop is a cluster with a number of useful and/or useless files, there is a very high possibility that you delete an important file unintentionally. World seems to suck just after the second that happens. Isn’t it? What if I help you recover your files? Yes, you heard it right. It is possible to recover deleted files on PC.

However, in this post today, I am about to give you with best of the software’s that are available for free, to recover deleted files easily. There are so many software’s available to confuse you. Some are free while others are paid versions. I am listing out the top 5 software’s to recover deleted files on Windows PC.

Recover Deleted Files Using These Software’s Easily

recover deleted data easily

Recovering deleted files has been made easy after the recovery software’s came into existence. Understanding the need of recovery, the developers are constantly working to improve the algorithm to scan the file(s) in the deep layers of Hard Drive.

Before I actually list the best software’s for you to recover deleted files, there are few thing you must keep in mind.

  • Check Recycle Bin for your lost file.
  • If the file is available in your Email, simply download it. Proceed to download any one of the below software’s only if your file/document is not found in either of the above mentioned ways.
  • Do Not add/delete (alter/modify) any of the content in the local disk (missing file(s) storage location). If you alter the content in any manner, the chances to recover deleted files will be very less.
  • If your file is found in the recovery software, Do Not restore it to the same storage location (local disk). Save it in another local disk.

You must definitely keep these points in your mind before you start the recovery process.

Software’s To Recover  Deleted Files

1. Recuva

recover deleted files on Windows

Recuva is a free software, that helps you to recover deleted files on PC. It is one of the best working software’s available in the market for free. Recuva can recover deleted files from Windows computer, Recycle Bin, Digital Camera’s Memory Card etc. All you need to do is, download and install the software, run a deep scan for files, select the lost files that are displayed on the screen, choose a storage location (Local Disk) and recover the files. It is as simple as that.

Recuva offers the Advanced File Recovery in its free version. So, there is no need for you to spend few bucks for recovering deleted data on Windows PC. Recovering deleted data was once a myth, and now a reality. Check out the guide for recovering deleted data using Recuva on Windows.

If you’re using an Android Smartphone, Check out Top 3+ Ways To Retrieve Deleted Data on Android

2. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is yet another software for recovering deleted data on your Windows PC. It is easy to use and also available for free. Almost all the recovery software’s in the market does the same job. However, sometimes, there can be a slighter possibility that a particular software might not come in handy for recovering delete data. In that case, the only thing you could do is try a different software.

If you are going to use  DiskDigger, two basic things you need to keep in mind is:

  • You should not download the software to the same disk as the missing file.
  • While displaying the results of deleted files, the file name can sometimes be not same. So, previewing the file before restoring is advised.

Using DiskDigger is pretty easy. All you need to do is, download and install the software, select the Local Disk, Scan, and restore the deleted files.

3. Hetman Partition Recovery

data recovery software

Hetman Partition Recovery software is yet another one of the best recovery software’s available today. As I already said, every single recovery software claims to do the exact same thing, in fact, only one thing – Data Recovery. Isn’t it obvious?

The file scanning techniques or algorithms used usually differs from one software to the other. That is the main reason why you should try different software’s before actually giving up on recovering deleted file.

Hetman partition recovery has a cleaner UI for easy use. It supports multiple formats to recover deleted files. The process of recovery is almost similar to the above mentioned process. All you need to do is, run a scan, select the file and restore to get it back.

Best Ways To Back-Up Data

Before you accidentally delete data on your Windows PC, isn’t it a good option to have a backup? Having backup of important data is strongly advised. There are few ways to back up important data easily.

Save Files To Cloud

We are fortunate to have Cloud storage. Upload important files to your cloud and they can never be lost unless you delete it on your own. Also, in Cloud, you don’t just delete the data by mistake.

Use Optical Disks

This is old school, but is one of the best solutions to save important files for a longer time.

Download/Purchase Back-Up Software

There also are a number of back-up software’s available to back-up the data. You can use any one of these back-up software’s to back-up your data before you lose them.