best spy apps for iOS

Were you always into the detective series that were showed in the television? Okay, perhaps the answer is yes and that’s why you are reading this article about best spy apps for iOS users.

Today, the selected spy apps will help you to bring the hidden detective in you into light. Grab these apps and you are on your way of becoming James Bond. There are many apps available in the Apple app store that will help you in doing the spy work but we are giving you the information about three powerful & best spy apps from three different backgrounds.

It will enable you to grab the three hundred and sixty-degree angle i.e; the complete angle about the target user.

Best Spy Apps For iOS Users

1. Xnspy

xnspy spy app for ios

When it’s about monitoring cell phones or tablets, no one does it better than Xnspy. It’s an app that’s designed by taking spy app users’ needs into consideration and thus has the best features and pricing available on the spy app market. Xnspy sifts out all the intricate features and sticks with the ones that mobile apps users need the most. You can use this app to monitor phone logs (call logs, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, etc.), to track social media activity, or to intercept live calls. The app offers unlimited data storage for your online account, so no matter how intensively the targeted person uses their cell phone, Xnspy won’t skip recording any activity.

The most prominent selling point of this app is its price. Xnspy is available in basic and premium editions that start from $8.33/month and goes up to $12.49/month (for premium packages). If you are looking for a real all-around app that’s minimalist and easy to use, it’s certainly Xnspy and no one else.

2. Secret Camera

This is an app that takes a photo without making any sound. A spy mode is available in the Secret Camera which disguises the phone screen lock in a web browser. In short, a person watching you will think that you are browsing something instead of clicking a photo. In the bottom of the Home Screen, a small thumbnail which will be hardly visible to anyone will be present for carrying out the secret mission.

When you activate this app, no one will come to know that you are shooting photos. You can protect your precious images with the help of a strong password lock. If you delete any images out of nervousness, you don’ need to worry about it because the images can be easily recovered with the help of the recovery mode. The developer of the Secret Camera is AppMadang. Secret Camera is available for only $0.99.

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3. FlexiSpy

flexyspy best spy apps for iOS

It is one of the best apps that monitors the mobile software. It is compatible with not only Apple but also on many other devices. The number of features available in FlexiSpy is way too high to impress any user easily. The most prominent feature of FlexiSpy is the call listening and recording features. One of the most impressive features of the app is the ability to listen to live calls, without letting the key target knowing about it.

If you can’t listen to the live calls, no worries, because FlexiSpy gives you the control of recording those calls. The app will not only help you to monitor calls but also will help you to keep an eye on Messenger chat platforms like WhatsaApp, Facebook, Skype and ten more popular instant messengers. FlexiSpy is perfect if you want to keep a close eye on any of your targets.

There are two subscription packages available for this app:- Premium Subscription Package and Extreme Subscription Package. The Extreme Subscription package gives you all the right to the features made exclusively for FlexiSpy. FlexiSpy is one of the most expensive spy apps available in the story. The price of FlexiSpy is $149.

4. SpyEra

spy era spy app for iPhone

This app will give you a lot of information about the received and outgoing data of your target user. Such materials include Skype conversation, Facebook post, SMS, email and much more. The app will provide you with every edge of information that you need. Apart from it, it will permit you to track your target in real time. Isn’t that great?

You will be knowing about every data in the device and also about the location of the person. SpyEra will notify you whenever the SIM card on the device is changed. This will empower you to control the iPhone temporarily. One needs to jailbreak the iPhone to use SpyEra. The price of SpyEra for 3 months is $149 and for 12 months is $249. It is also available for smartphones as well.

Round Up

Are you already excited after knowing about these apps? Encouraging your inner detective is good but make sure that you don’t cross the boundary. There is a thin line between what is legal and what is not when it comes to spy work. Make sure, that you don’t cross that boundary.

We’re just giving you the list of 3 best spy apps for iOS and are not encouraging anyone to use them. We shall not take any responsibility for any unethical practices. Whatever you do, do it safely! If you like our work, please do Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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