Windows 10 has been out for a while now and Microsoft has been doing its best in pushing people to upgrade. One of the advantages Windows has over other OS is its personalization. If you don’t know already, Microsoft has this option that allows you to download themes that will transform your PC rather interestingly. Themes, according to the website is, a combination of wallpapers, windows colors and sounds. There are a lot of themes available on the Microsoft website alone, and if the third-party websites are taken into account, the options are plenty! So we have tried sifting through them and present to you the best HD themes for Windows 10 over here.

Top 15 best HD themes for Windows 10 Users

1. Caribbean Shores

Caribbean shores best HD themes for Windows 10

The wind softly rustling the trees. Sand everywhere. A little hut on a cliff looking over the sun setting on water. These serene pictures of the Caribbean shores have the capacity to invoke the calm in you instantly.

2. Autumn Bounty

best theme for windows 10 autumn bounty

The year just started and autumn is long way to come. That wouldn’t mean you have to download this theme just at that time. You can appreciate it even now. This theme shows off the bountiful harvest in the form of ripe fruits, veggies and even pies! All of it is presented beautifully in orange hues. You can just keep staring at it, and crave pie.

3. Echoes of the Past

echoes of the past theme

Feel nostalgic of pasts you never experienced with this theme. Or if you have been binge watching those Sherlock episodes again, that will do too. That sole rusted key on the floor, the telescope and the map, or even the clock ticking at its steady beat. They seem like a bunch of clues for you to figure out and will nicely aid you in your explorations as a detective.

4. The Beauty of Books

books best themes for windows 10 uaers

This for all the book lovers. Admire the majestic architecture and the never-ending shelves filled with books, of libraries all over the world. By the looks of it, these places should be in the ‘to travel to’ list of every bibliophile. This is one of the best HD themes for Windows 10 users related to books out there.

5. Classic Sports Cars

best sports car theme for windows 10

A collection of sleek, classic sports cars posing in breathtaking settings, way better than models ever could. 19 HD images of some of the best cars from all ages, what more could you ask for.

6. Muscle Cars

muscle cars best hd theme for windows users

This is another one for the Car people. Let’s get nostalgic and go back to the 70s, and the era of muscle cars with this theme.

7. African Wildlife

African wildlife best HD themes for Windows 10

What’s more majestic than a lion looking over its realm at sunrise? Or what’s more adorable than snuggling rhinos or even elephants? Take in the majestic beauties of African wildlife and give your desktop that wild touch with this theme.

8. Cobblestones and Corridors

creepy staircase theme for windows 10

If you planning on going on a horror movie marathon, everything needs to fit the mood right? It’s midnight, you got your horror movies ready and you even have the windows theme to set the mood with this series of eerie images. Or if you just like scary things, that will do too.

9. Dark Skies

dark skies HD themes for windows 10

Keeping up with the scariness, this next theme will give you the gloomy after effects. Pictures of dark stormy skies, lowly rumbling over lone hanging trees. If that doesn’t say horror story, I don’t know what does. Not to forget, there are cows and birds too.

Another addition to this list would be Creepy Cobwebs but, a well placed prior warning is that, it has spiders.

10. Footpaths

best foothpath HD theme for windows 10 users

Get lost and spark your wanderlust with this theme of footpaths from all over the world. Each picture seems like a pathway to a whole new unexplored world. The kind footpaths that you would walk, walk and just keep walking and never want to stop except for when you are taking in the view. The kind you want to get transported to right this moment and probably just stay there for the heck of it.

11. Shadowboxes

Feather art HD theme

Birds skillfully crafted with the feathers of birds. Almost like a bird inception, bird-ception. Artist and photographer Chris Maynard crafted these pieces of art completely from bird’s feathers. The simplicity, yet astonishing attention to detail is truly remarkable. If you are someone who loves or appreciates art, this theme is the one for you. Because it is certainly one of the best HD themes for Windows 10 related to art.

12. Subtle Details

fountain of subtle details theme for windows 10

Speaking of details, here is a theme with the focus on things people usually tend to overlook. Photographer Claudio Marinangeli captures usual objects with special focus and detail in this theme. Whether a picture of a fountain and the water sprouting from it in stark detail, the lone picture of a lock on a wooden door in black and white or even the reflection of light on the water droplets that settled on flower petals, he certainly knows what to focus on.

13. Ducati

ducati bike HD theme

We had cars, so it’s only fair that we have bikes too. A theme of some of the most famous Ducati bikes riding or posing sexily for us to feast our eyes on. The theme, largely in the shades of red, white and black, displays the strong features of the bike in stark detail.

14. Forests

best forest windows 10 HD theme

If there was any possibility of a fairy tale occurring, then it will certainly happen somewhere here. The theme has a set of 16 pictures of forests portrayed in mesmerizing ways. Whether the forests in early times of the day when the fog hasn’t even lifted yet or how a little stream stealthily glides down the forest terrains, these pictures just take your breath away.

15. Snowmen

snowmen windows 10 theme

Finally we have the cutest of the best HD themes for Windows 10. Think Olaf, but only more real. A bunch of the cutest snowmen posing adorably in various settings. Go ahead and download these for your kids (or even the kid inside you) without hesitation. I mean, look at this small snowman, doesn’t it seem like it would just love warm hugs?

 Final Word

So there you have it, our top 15 best HD themes for Windows 10 users. There was wildlife, there was automobiles. Inanimate objects, inanimate objects that were made to look alive and even inanimate objects that we wish were alive. Remember, these themes are all free and available on Microsoft website. Also, these are certainly not the only ones available. There are tons of different themes for people of all kind of tastes. And if you feel like you want even more diverse options, the third parties out there are unlimited. So what’s the hold up for, go ahead and personalize your desktop per your wish.