Are you bored of the same, old launcher that every Android smartphones have? Do you want to make your Android smartphone stand out of the crowd with well-crafted look? This won’t be hard for you to do, because today, I shall list the top 10 best launchers for Android smartphones, that are totally free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play.

Top 10 Best Launchers For Android Smartphones

1. 360 Launcher

best launchers for android

360 Launcher has been installed in more than millions of Android smartphones. This is one of the best and fastest launcher available for the Android smartphones. It is a power packed home launcher with tons of themes, wallpapers, fonts, lock screens, transition animations, widgets and icons. You can customize your Android smartphone like never before with the help of 360 Launcher. The launcher has a built in cleaner that keeps the speed of your RAM high. With power saving widgets, you don’t need to worry about the battery life of your Android smartphone. Can you see the reason why is it in the top 10 best launchers for Android smartphones?



2. Solo Launcher

solo launcher for android

The name of the launcher is Solo, but actually it is a packaged form of everything. With millions of users, Solo Launcher has managed to find its place in top 3 on Google Play, so was it actually hard for Solo Launcher to maintain its position in top 10 best launchers for Android smartphones? Surely, not. Apart from giving you many options of themes, wallpapers and widgets, Solo Launcher will provide you with a unique package that consist of cache cleaner, speed booster, storage clearer and memory saver. Make your phone fast by quick gestures available in Solo Launcher.



3. Smart Launcher 3

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It is a special launcher because it is not based upon ASOP launcher. For its simplicity, lightness and fastness, Smart Launcher 3 has come in our list of top launchers for Android smartphones. It is built in such a way that it will save the RAM and battery life of your Android smartphone. It allows you to organize your smartphone is a manner that you are able to do quick access to your favourite apps. You can personalize your smartphone, the way you want. You can even hide your apps in a creative manner.




4. Lollipop Launcher

lollipop launcher for android

You can customize your home screen using the Lollipop Launcher. Just say Ok, Google to use the Google Search’s hot word, right from the home screen of your Android smartphone. Lollipop Launcher gives you many icon themes. You can even customize the app drawer to hide apps and for applying new custom effects. You can create your own gestures to access your favourite apps in an instant. It also give you option of widget overlapping. Since Lollipop has been the favorite Android version of many users so far, we’ve put Lollipop launcher in the list of top 10 best launchers for Android smartphones.


5. Apus Launcher

Apus launcher for android

Apus Launcher is one of the best and favourite launcher available for Android smartphones. It gives a special user experience that will be hard to replace! The Launcher makes your Android smartphone faster and smoother. You can personalize your Android smartphone with the help of thousands of wallpapers, themes and screen transition effect. Categorize your app using Apus Launcher to keep everything in an organized manner. You can even read the headlines by just swiping on the right side of the home screen.

6. Hola Launcher

best launcher for android smartphones

Hola Launcher will surely become the heartbeat of your Android smartphone. It is a small launcher with powerful features. With different icons for every app, the Hola Launcher will surely make your Android smartphone look more beautiful than others. It has exclusive features for the users like Hola Shine, Hola Boost and Hola Box. It provides you the option of double tapping your Android smartphone to wake it up! Smart folders will be available in the home screen to keep your device more organised.

7. Nova Launcher

android smartphone launcher for lollipop

Nova Launcher gives a super smooth and powerful performance. Perhaps, this is the reason that Nova Launcher has made it to the top launchers for Android smartphone. With features like sub-grid positioning, color controls, app drawer, widget drawer, infinite scroll, scrollable dock, widgets in dock, gestures, unread counts and icon swipes, Nova Launcher has proved that it believes in giving nothing but the best to the users. It also gives you the option of backing up your desktop layout and layout settings.





8. Go Launcher

golauncher for android kitkat and lollipop versions

If you have Go Launcher, then trust me when I say that you have the best launcher! Decorate your smartphone like never before with the help of the Go Launcher. It is a stylish launcher that is definitely smarter and slimmer than other launchers available for the Android smartphones. Go Launcher will give you an awesome performance by the latest 4M APK. It is a storehouse of many themes, wallpapers, widgets, gestures and tools. Not just confined to one design or theme, you can have a multitude of themes available for free on store.


9. EverythingMe Launcher

best launcher for android

EverythingMe Launcher is a Webby award winner. It will boost your Android smartphone with features like smart folders, quick contacts panel, the prediction bar, fastest search, context feed, customizable gestures, daily wallpapers and contextual app discovery. Just one tap is needed to get the delivery of every feature that you have ever dreamt for your Android smartphone. EverythingMe Launcher is a Contextual Launcher.



10. CM Launcher

cm launcher for android

When a launcher is offered by Cheetah Mobile Inc., you can expect nothing but the safest and the fastest launcher! CM Launcher guarantees you an increase in the startup speed by 100%. A speeding performance doesn’t mean a great battery consumption. In fact, you will be happy to know that CM Launcher saves up to 30% of the battery life. It is a small, sleek, secure, smart and stylish launcher that will steal your heart for sure. It is one of the world’s most light weight launcher that will occupy a negligible space in your device. Though we placed it in the last number of our list, CM Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android smartphones.

Round Up

Look where you are now! You have the list of the top 10 launchers for Android smartphone. What are you waiting for? Open your store and try the launchers named in the list. I am sure that you will fall in love with more than your launcher. I would like to know your final decision about it! Share your experience after the installation of the launcher. Also do subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.