The number of Cydia apps for iPhone is way too much and therefore today I am here to help you out in sorting the list of top 10 best Cydia apps for iPhone. The top 10 best Cydia apps for iPhone which I am going to share with you now, will be beneficial for your daily use. Check them out yourselves.

Top 10 Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

best cydia apps for iPhone

  1. Clockify

clockify cydia app for iPhone

Clockify is a simple yet one of the best Cydia apps for iPhone that changes the face of the clock and allows your iPhone to customize the clock. With the help of this app you will be able to experience live functioning of the clock in the Home Screen of your iPhone. It also allows the user to add world clocks in your Home Screen, Lock Screen and Notification Centre.

  1. Winterboard

iPhone theme Winterboard Cydia app

Winterboard is a Cydia app that allows the users to customize the theme of their iPhone. With the help of Winterboard, one can change the icons of various apps, the docks, the background, the fonts and styles of your iPhone. Winterboard also allows you to add new functional widget on your device. You can welcome wonderful, colorful themes on your iPhone by using Winterboard.

  1. Nitrous

Cydia apps for iPhone Nitrous

When you try to access internet by third party app on iPhone, the speed of the internet slows down. When you install the Cydia app Nitrous, the third party apps that access the Internet connection gets the access of Nitro Javascript Engine and subsequently the speed of the internet increases in your iPhone. You’ll no longer need to curse the internet speed from now on.

  1. Pandora Downloader

best cydia tweaks for iPhone

If you are a music lover, I am sure you will love great music players and when we talk about great music players, we always include Pandora. Don’t we?

If you have an iPhone in your hand and you are a music lover, having the Pandora Downloader Cydia app is must. The Pandora Downloader will allow you to download tunes to your iPhone that you were longing to have in your device from so long. Enjoy quality tunes in your iPhones now, thanks to Pandora Downloader.


  1. Octopus Keyboard

Octopus Keyboard is wonderful Cydia app that allows the users to have a predictive keyboard. You can swipe over a key to complete the word that you are planning to write. The Octopus Keyboard is very fast. It will help you to enjoy the Blackberry styled keyboard. The keyboard learns new words on its own as you type the words.

  1. MapsOpener

Using Apple Maps is difficult for many of the users. Though we can’t deny the fact that Apple Maps are useful and sophisticated but one more truth about the Apple Maps is that it is very complicated. So, to rescue you from the complication of Apple Maps, you can have the Cydia app known as the MapsOpener to use Google Maps for finding direction automatically. Any don’t we all know that Google Maps are easy and simple?

  1. iBlacklist

best cydia apps for iPhone to use daily

Is your privacy in danger because of the nagging calls that you always get when you don’t have time for them? If yes, then iBlacklist will help you in sorting the problem as this Cydia app will block all the number, company, text, calls, FaceTime calls and photo messages that you get from a person whom you don’t like. Now, have the freedom to block the contacts that disturbs you by iBlacklist.

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  1. Password Pilot

Every time when you wish to purchase apps from the iTune App Store, don’t you get annoyed by the fact that you have to enter the password again and again? Entering password again and again is not only irritating but is also time consuming. Password Pilot enables the users to save the password for once and all. It can be your time saver!

  1. Stride

One drawback that the iPhone users feels is the inability to draw password. You will be glad to know that now you can also draw passwords to unlock your iPhone with the help of the Cydia app  Stride. A similarity between iPhone and an Android device is not that hard to find.

  1. Unlim tone

If you think that the ringtone of your iPhone reflects your personality, Unlim Tone Cydia app is made for you that has tons of ringtones filled in it. This Cydia app is considered to have the best ringtones available in the entire market.

Final Word

This was my list for top 10 best Cydia apps for iPhone. Which Cydia apps are you planning to have in your iPhone? Download these apps, use it and share your experience with us! If you have another Cydia app in your mind that you consider as the best, leave the name of the app and what it’s about in the comment section below. We’re looking forward to hear from you. Thank You.