Mac boasts an impressive host of apps that are already inbuilt into the device when delivered. These work wonderfully and exploit the maximum potential of the system. But there are certain drawbacks. Like how downloading or sharing has never been that simple in Apple. For more than one reason, you need to get the best apps and utilities for Mac, for a better user experience.

In the pursuit of making the devices as minimal and secure as possible, the developers of Apple had to sacrifice certain eases. That’s why people create apps that deliver especially the eases missing. These are some of the best apps out there, albeit not that popular, that would improve the efficiency of your Mac to the maximum. The list of the best apps and utilities for Mac goes as follows-

Top 10 Best Apps and Utilities For Mac

best apps and utilities for mac

1. Infinit

This should be a must in every computer. It doesn’t take a genius to know that sharing in Apple devices is not all that easy. There are many sharing apps out there, but Infinit is one of the best among it. Infinit can share any form of files regardless of the quality or size. Have a HD quality movie or a whole cluster of files to transfer? Infinit can do it. An advantage is that, it will get the work done even if you disconnect to the internet.¬†¬†With quality like that, it easily ranks near the top in the list of best apps and utilities for Mac.

2. HiddenMe

Do you have a completely cluttered desktop that often gives your friend a start when they see it? Or do you perhaps have an epic wallpaper that you don’t want to be covered by even one icon? Or are you just lazy in arranging your desktop? Then download HiddenMe. It is an app which hides all the icons on your desktop with just one click, or a keyboard shortcut, when not wanted. It’s basically the virtual version of stuffing all your things in your wardrobe and saying that you cleaned your room.

3. SiteSucker

This one is a mammoth. Site Sucker downloads complete websites to your hard drive. It downloads the website’s directory structure to display exact same website without internet. It is really advantageous for offline reading and browsing when you are on the go. Gone were the days when it was hard to even download a picture, huh.

4. ImageOptim

We love our photos. And we would like them to retain their quality even when shared to another device. ImageOptim shrinks pictures without decreasing it’s quality for publishing on web or even uploading on social media. Not only that, it reduces the size of your images while storing and makes them load faster without sacrificing good quality. So the next time, you don’t have to delete the images of you to make place for those your cat. You can have them both.

5. AirDroid

AirDroid makes your life much easier. Struggling to connect your android phone to your Mac? You’re not the only one with that problem. AirDroid syncs your phone with your Mac, so you can use it without even touching your phone. You can message, answer your calls, share files and even have the actual visual screen of your phone on your Mac, all without a cable.

6. SelfControl

This basically forcefully keeps you from getting distracted. Let’s be real, most of us need that. SelfControl blocks selected websites, for the specified amount of time and those won’t be accessible till the timer is done. The timer doesn’t stop even if you delete the app or restart your computer. Think carefully before you block them, and yes, that Instagram pic of what Aunt Suzy had for dinner can wait. Finish your assignment!

7. GIF Brewery

It does what the title suggests, it brews GIFs. Create your own funny or not-so-funny GIFs from video files with this app. You can edit the size, the placement of the different slides and can even add captions of your wish. GIFs can’t be made with still images in this app but videos can be edited to your wish. You can either use the pre-programmed ways of making or manually set the frame count and delay.

8. Download Shuttle

This app downloads your files faster by disintegrating them into smaller parts and simultaneously downloading them. You can stop, pause or resume the download when you want and can even pause or stop certain parts of the download as needed. If you are short in time or just not that patient, download this.

9. Buffer

If you are big on social media and like to stay updated with all your social accounts easily, Buffer is the app for you. Buffers allows you to post on all your accounts simultaneously. You can share anything from articles to photos to videos. It will be posted on all your accounts with just one click on your menu bar.

Another advantage is, you can schedule your posts. You can just input the time when you need it to be posted in what accounts and even if you do not have internet or you are not online, the post would still go through. Furthermore, the stats like the amount of likes, comments and shares can be viewed on a single window.

10. Duet Display

Feel like a boss by turning your iPad into an extra display for your Mac. Just download this app and connect your iPad or iPhone with an iOS 7.0 and later ver., and get a duet display for you work in. It’s plenty useful for working more efficiently without the hassle of multiple windows and really convinient in sharing files.

Final Word

So there you have it, the best apps and utilities for Mac. These are not the only ones and there are certainly more apps out there that would suit your every need. These are just some of them on the list. If you feel like that you are facing some problems with the efficiency of your Mac, do not hesitate to download these apps.