There many apps available for your iPad and choosing the best apps out of these throng can be tiresome and time consuming. Therefore, in my post today I shall list out the top 10 best apps for iPad that will help you in enhancing your productivity. Make the optimum use of your iPad by getting the apps that can actually bring out the best in you and your iPad.

Top 10 Best Apps For iPad

best apps for iPad

I have recently shared the list of to top 10 best cydia apps for iPhone. Today, I’m here to share the list of top 10 best apps for iPad personally listed/sorted out by me. These cannot always be the best choice for everyone of you. Choose the one that best suits your use and enhance your productivity on your iPad.

  1. Skype

It is not always necessary that all your friends and relatives have the precious and expensive Apple devices. So, here comes the limitation of FaceTime. Get Skype on your new iPad and say hi to video conferences with your friends, family and relatives.

The best thing about Skype is that it runs smoothly even in 3G/4G data connection. The amount of data consumed by Skype is really less and apart from that, it also gives an option of making cheap International calls to your dear ones. With a user-friendly interface, you will surely love video conferences over Skype.

  1. Kindle

What can be a better reading app for all the geeks if not the Kindle app? Amazon’s Kindle app is surely the talk of the town among the geek residents and the obvious reason behind this popularity of Kindle goes to built-in dictionary, easy and fast navigation.

Customize the Amazon’s Kindle app on your iPad the way you want for awesome reading experience and easy search. The massive collection of eBooks in your Amazon’s Kindle app can be thoroughly enjoyed in your iPad.

  1. Evernote

Having the Evernote app in your iPad will help you in keeping your life prolific. Evernote behaves like a minute workspace where you can work from anywhere and anytime. It even has a to-do-lists to organize your daily life. Never drop any idea now, as you have Evernote to pen it down.

Get creative by providing attachments to your thoughts and files. Share your reports and works with your colleagues. Create notebooks and pages within them. Search your text within the notebooks with the help of searchable text. You don’t need a 24 hour internet connection to utilise Evernote.


  1. Snapseed

It is a free photo app that can give a hard competition to even the paid photo apps available for iPad. You can auto-correct your picture with just a single tap on Snapseed. Options like Retrolux, Grunge and Tilt-Shift enables the iPad owner to do creative edition of the photos apart from the basic photo editing features like cropping and straightening. With tons of filters available in it, Snapseed surely deserves a space in your iPad. Try it because there is hardly any scope of disappointment when you are using Snapseed.

  1. Google Maps

No doubt that Apple Maps are excellent but can you deny the fact that they are also complicated? On the other hand, Google Apps are user-friendly and simple. Google Maps is surely a reliable app when it comes to catching direction. Test it yourself.

You don’t even have to pay to benefit the luxury of having Google Maps on your iPad as it is absolutely free. Google Maps in your iPad is your key tool for your easy navigation when you are lost in a stranger’s land.

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  1. BBC Weather

If you are a traveller who is worried constantly about the weather condition out there, then BBC Weather app in your iPad can become a best friend. The beautiful skin along with user-friendly interface, makes BBC Weather a quick favourite among its users.

Detailed weather conditions like visibility level, amount of humidity and wind direction is provided by the BBC Weather. If you are allergic to dust or pollen grains, then BBC Weather becomes a must-have app for you in your iPad as it also provides information related to such constituent particles in the atmosphere.

  1. Flipboard

If you have a reader within you, then Flipboard is the app that you should have in your iPad. Flipboard gathers beautifully the world news and socials news in the form of a magazine. It can become your personal magazine as you can chose the content of the magazine by your level of interest in a particular topic.

Used by millions of people around the globe, Flipboard gives you the opportunity to read publications like The New York Times, PEOPLE MAGAZINE and Vanity Fair. Save the stories that you like the most to read it again and again. Give your inner geek a chance to live by welcoming this wonderful app in your iPad.

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  1. iTunes U

iTunes U is one among the top 10 best apps for iPad that grants you access to free courses, media and study materials from thousands of schools and colleges. If you are a student who owns an iPad, then you surely should have iTunes U app in your iPad to increase your knowledge. It will help you to excel in your school and college.

You don’t need to study the boring books in iTunes U because iTunes U believe in creative way of studying and this is the reason why you will find audio and video contents related to your study topic. Free apps like iTunes U is a gift for the iPad users.

  1. 1 Password

Do you know what does an iPad lack? It lacks direct Safari integration and that is the reason you must have high amount of security in your iPad. 1 Password is a powerful security option that is available for the iPad users which guarantees security and protection to your device. If you have 1 Password in your iPad then you don’t need to worry when you make an online payment in your iPad because all your passwords and account details will be in the safe hands of 1 Password app.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best apps for iPad that will enable you to synchronize your documents among the multiple devices that you own. Your file will remain safe inside Dropbox and you can share it easily with your friends. You can have Dropbox in your iPad for free of cost. Send your videos quickly, keep your photos safe, never lose your file and carry your files everywhere by using Dropbox on your iPad.

Final Word

There are many apps available in the market. The real power to choose the best apps for iPad lies with you. Give a try to the apps mentioned in the list and share your experience with us! Thank You.