When you are bored and have nothing to do, all you need to do is pick up your smartphone and play the best addictive games for Android in order to kill the boredom. Google Play Store is filled with millions of games and in such a scenario, how can you possibly know which game you would love? In order to rescue you from the confusion, today we’re here to give you the list of top 10 best addictive games for Android. The compilation of these games down here are purely selective and are not just based on ratings. We hand-picked personally, and some games among the list might not suit your interest. It is up to you to decide, the one you would love among the list given below, to download on your Android smart phone.

Top 10 Best Addictive Games for Android

  1. Traffic Rider

best android simulation game

When we talk about race, doesn’t the game automatically turn into an addictive one? Traffic Rider is a wonderful game created by the developers. Sitting on a motorbike, with the perspective of a first person, you need to race against all the vehicles on the road. Real bike sounds and the high graphics will ensure that you have a fabulous experience and forget everything when you are playing this addictive game.

You get to choose from 20 motorbikes, you get to hear real bike sounds and you get to experience real environment. What else can you demand? With challenging missions, Traffic Rider has fairly secured its top position in our list of top 10 best addictive games for Android.

  1. Clash of Clans

calsh of clans best addictive android game

If you are a game freak, you must have heard about Clash of Clans. This addictive game allows the gamer to build villages with strong fortress. Some of the awesome game features include: To fight against your enemy, train your own army. Fight a real life battle with other players of the world. Snatch the trophy if you come out as a winner. Shake hands with other players and build an army together etc.

Prepare yourself well for the epic Clan Wars. Be a king of your kingdom and enjoy the game by challenging your mind to use the best strategy skills.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

best addictive games for Android

If you need an adrenaline rush along with an addictive game, then Asphalt 8: Airborne is the game for you. People have claimed this game to be the best racing game out there. You get to choose from 95 awesome cars. And do you want to know what kind of cars are used in the games? Well, cars like Lamborghini Veneno, Buggati Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Audi R8 LMS Ultra. You already feel the heat?

Do stunts, experience real life car damage and enjoy the game. Challenge your friends and begin the race! But, you would need a good, fast Android Smartphone to run this game without lags, and I’m pretty sure your phone will heat up a little if you play this game for more than 30 min.

  1. Kill Shot Bravo

best addictive action game for android

This additive game for Android is the best FPS. With more than 200 missions to complete, can you even think of placing your smart phone down? Many secret missions are waiting for you, pick your favourite weapons and get ready to experience your life in places like jungle mountain ranges and Mediterranean islands. Great commander vehicles will help you in reaching your destination.

Meet your enemies, fight with them and experience the thrill. Join hands with other players and make a powerful team. Well, you can also discuss the tactics of the games with your gamer friend in the loaded chat option inside the game.

  1. Criminal Case

criminal case for Android OS

This addictive game is the number one hidden object game available in the Google Play Store. In Criminal Case, your only duty is to solve murder cases by using your sharp mind. You will be helping Police of Grimsborough to solve all the mystery cases. Keep your eyes open because you can never guess where the object is hidden, easily. You will also get to analyse samples, interrogate the suspects in order to solve the murder cases. It’s time for you to do some justice!

  1. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Best Flight Simulator game for Android

It is the best fight simulator games available for Android. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free is one among the best addictive games for Android that uses high graphics to give you a realistic experience. Choose from real-life planes, enjoy supersonic jets and military aircraft in this game. Apart from flying on the sky, you also need to complete your missions. Get ready to perform stunts anywhere and anytime. You don’t need an internet connection to enjoy this game.

  1. Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle

android games for 2016

It has claimed its position in ‘Best Games of 2015 for Android’ and the players of the game describe it as an addictive game because it is challenging and relaxing, both at the same time. This addictive game has all the elements in it like sliding puzzles, puzzle games, brain teasers, escape games, hidden object games, physics puzzle and match-3 puzzle. Put your finger into action and make a way for the ball to reach the goal block. There are many levels in the game and you don’t have any time restriction to complete the levels. So, enjoy the game on your own pace.

  1. World Chef

worldchef anroid game

Embrace the feeling of a real restaurant owner when you are playing World Chef. Start as an owner of a little restaurant and then with your hard work, pave way for a bigger success and a bigger restaurant. Prepare your dish, make it delicious and take your time, because the game that you are playing is not related to a fast food joint. Decorate your restaurant, buy ingredients, do experiments and prepare delicious meals. The cool graphics and the entertaining level will keep you engaged for many hours.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies Free

best android game to kill time

It is a fun filled game where you need to plant different kinds of plants in order to fight with zombies. There are many levels and each of the level is further divide in to sub-levels. With each passing level, you gain the ability to unlock a new plant that will protect you against the zombies. This game has won more than 30 awards. Apply strategy in this fun game and come out as a winner. And once you are done playing with Plant vs. Zombies, move happily to play Plant vs. Zombies 2.

  1. Brain Dots

addicitve analytical thinking game on Android OS

The only thing that you need to do in brain dots is connect two balls. Does this sound simple? Well, play and see how simple the game is. You will spend hours thinking about the ways two join the two balls. Exercise your brain with the help of this game. Draw with a pencil, connect the balls and move to next level. It sounds simple but trust me when I say that it isn’t that simple.

So, here is the list of top 10 best addictive games for Android. Try the game that sounded most appealing to you. Share your experience and help other readers to choose their own addictive game. Have fun! Also, please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint for more updates. Thank you.