Though the concept of BadUSB is little older (about 2 months), it has the level of importance to be shared here. BadUSB is a malware that you should know if your work involves using a computer. Since most of us today use USB flash drives to store and transfer our data, it is highly   recommended to know the security issues ofthese flash drives. When I talk about a Malware on a Flash drive, most of you might be thinking about the general viruses that are easily recognizable which can be either fixed or removed using Anti-Virus that has already been installed on your PC or Laptop. This BadUSB I’m mentioning here today is completely different, it is an advanced malicious malware or virus that exist till date.

What Actually Is BadUSB?

People who use USB flash drives around the world are large in number, most of the hackers target them. With Anti-Virus softwares pre-installed, we were successful in identifying, removing; eliminating the adverse effects of Trojans, viruses, Malwares successfully from our systems. But this BadUSB is something new and one that needs a lot of attention to get an idea about what exactly it is.


BadUSB is something that deals deep with the core function of the USB flash drives, unlike other malwares. The user wouldn’t even know that his stick is affected with it, even after scanning it. If there is someone with at least a little technical skills, he would use some methods to remove virus from the flash drive. But, he wouldn’t be even able to touch the files of BadUSB. Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell are the men behind creating this malware. The code they developed reaches the core of USB design of flash drives. Flash drives do not have any program written to identify if there are changes to the core program. So, it is highly impossible to identify these viruses for a normal or even a technical  person if he doesn’t understand the nuances of reverse Engineering techniques.


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Nohl and Lell developed this virus by using reverse engineering techniques. They say, that this virus has the ability to enter the system through USB peripherals invisibly, when connected. When I say, USB peripherals, I mean all. This virus isn’t confined only to flash drives, but can enter all USB peripherals like Keyboard, Mouse etc. It can operate the device completely. Suppose, if it attacks keyboard, it can do whatever it want: like enter commands, operate the whole system etc. The transfer of virus can be from USB to system and vice-versa.

How Can It Do All This?

BadUSB does not reside in the flash memory of USB, but in the firmware that controls all the basic functions of the device. This gives it complete access over the drive. Unfortunately, users cannot find it. It is only possible to identify this malware with reverse engineering techniques, which most of the common or even technical people are unaware of.

If you ever wanted to use a flash drive from untrusted sources, also be ready for  the consequences that you’re going to face. Once the drive is infected with BadUSB, there’s no easy fix: says Nohl and Lell. You just have to leave it and get a new one. No Anti-Virus softwares could detect them.

How Could It Affect The Future?

Viruses play an important role in the future of mankind. Yes! Even a computer virus could indirectly, somehow affect the existence of mankind. This virus, as it is unidentifiable could be of a greater loss to some organizations, even the defense. Every individual, or organizations use USB flash drives as a media to store, transfer data. In such cases, if there is some confidential or high priority data on the drive, the loss is irrecoverable. This is just an example. This cannot be expected as this virus or malware is hard to reach any organizations that deal with high confidential and sensitive data.

For official details on the BadUSB, check out “Why The Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken” on Wired.

Let us hope that this virus does not spread any further. Things that this Virus can do are terrifying. The two researchers Nohl and Lell spent months creating this virus. I wish they better be also find an easy way to identify this. Creating an unidentifiable virus is a mammoth task. Developing software that can identify this malware can be a greater challenge as well: even if it is for those two creators of BadUSB. However, this is all you should know about BadUSB virus. Feel free to comment your views regarding this. Do not forget to subscribe to Interest Waypoint, if you like our work. Thank You 🙂

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