Nissan Datsun Go

Nissan is one of the best selling companies in India. It always releases different variants of different cars in a stylish and tempting design. With the extraordinary exterior looks and also with an extraordinary performance, Nissan has met the requirements of many in India. With it’s new release of DATSUN GO, it again proved its brand. I would like to give the Nissan Datsun Go specifications in this article.


Simply to give an outline of the specifications, the Nissan Datsun go has been equipped with a 1198cc 3Cylinder 12 Valve Engine. It has a power of 67.06bhp @ 5000rpm. It has four different variants namely D, D1, A & T. The former two variants are not provided with Air conditioning , power steering and Central locking while variant A has Air Conditioning excess to those and the variant T has all the features in it. This car is available in WHITE, RUBY, SILVER and SKY colors.



The GO has an excellent exterior finish which attracts on the look. Smooth and appealing edges are designed to attract the customers that care for the looks. It comes in a signature slight coupe design which differs from all the other stereotypical hatchback designed cars. The front honeycomb grill with DATSUN on it gives a radiant look to the car. The tail lamps, not likely to the other cars, protrude through the curves of the car.  


The interior of this car is spacious and is given a well finish. It is more spacious compared to Alto K10 and gives a good competition for the available cars of the same price range of Datsun. In addition to the space, it gives more comfort and the height is an added interior feature that does not bother any with disappointment. The door trims comes with a decent plastic material. The sound system, gear lever and what not, everything is well designed to attract the customers for this price range.


The price of Datsun go is around 3,20,000. The price varies according to the city. The price of Datsun Go in various cities are given below.
  1. KOLKATA – 3,20,904
  2. BANGALORE – 3,17,821
  3. NEW DELHI – 3,12,270
  4. MUMBAI – 3,12,270
  5. HYDERABAD – 3,17,821

The price may vary according to the variant and differs from ON-ROAD price.


Nissan’s Datsun Go mileage is around 17kmpl in city limits and around 23-24kmpl on highways.


The review of Datsun GO is so far very good. The users who purchased this are in a trans that a car with such low price is able to satisfy them so far. This model of Nissan is surely a tough competition to many other cars. Finally, this car is the best in the affordable price range for a middle class person and does not bother with any drawbacks so far.
Feel free to express your personal reviews. Thank you.