Something new is always needed to the people in this internet era. If there is something new in the digital market and is better, cheap than the already existing thing, there is a more possibility that people get attracted to it. While coming to the applications, in Social networking WhatsApp is one of the most used application. There are so many other applications which provide the same service as WhatsApp does, but are not used more. One of such another in the market is Telegram App.


There is actually fact that everyone must know about WhatsApp. WhatsApp was released into the Android market and has not been advertised anywhere. It just gained its fame eventually by the user ratings. Almost all other apps like Hike, Viber, Line, WeChat were advertised and promoted to a large extent. And many offers like free recharge to the mobiles were also given in these applications, but could not reach the user count that WhatsApp has. Now is the time to this Telegram App.

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One day, I got a message in WhatsApp, a forward message from one of my friends about this Telegram App. The text conveyed a message that “Telegram is an app made by Indian and is free of cost and will remain so forever. WhatsApp would charge approximately 1$ per year once your subscription ends. And by that it could earn millions of dollars only through Indians. PM Narendra Modi has called to all the Indians to stop using WhatsApp and start using Telegram App which is very similar to WhatsApp and is free of cost.” This made many install this Telegram App.

This is one of the worst promotions I’ve ever seen and to my surprise that worked for the Telegram App developers. The user count has increased very much after this kind of promotion.


Telegram App really seemed very similar to WhatsApp and is also fast. But the text I’ve came upon made me search something about this app on Wikipedia. And the facts that I found are nowhere similar to the text I’ve got. Below is the screenshot from the Wikipedia on history of Telegram.

telegram app historyIf you see the image provided, it is based in Berlin, Germany. Now this proves that it is not made by and Indian and you need to be very patriotic to install this Telegram App after you come up with some message like what I already mentioned above.

Download Telegram for PC from the store and start messaging and see for yourselves about the interface and features it offers.

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No matter what happens, WhatsApp remains to be the most used application among all OS. Indians are comparatively more in using WhatsApp among the other countries in the World. When it comes to Telegram App and WhatsApp, the interface of the Telegram App is very similar to WhatsApp and is fast too. But it missed the option to refresh the contact list manually. And the Auto- refresh doesn’t happen to work immediately you open the Telegram App. Apart from this, the remaining functioning of this app completely seems to be fine and very much similar to WhatsApp. But the advantage of using Telegram comes when it is in the case of File sharing. You could share files of any formats, images and videos with no size limit. This seems to be the major advantage of using Telegram. We shall wait and see, if it could beat the user count of WhatsApp in coming days.

Feel free to comment if you find any other flaw in the Telegram App and let the readers know. Thank you.


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