The internet world is never 100% safe for anyone. There are many people out there who is constantly trying to monitor your browsing and if you want to keep yourself safe in the internet world, it is very important for you to learn to stay anonymous on the internet while browsing. Today, in this post I would be sharing with you numerous ways by which you can stay anonymous on the internet while browsing.

8 Awesome Ways To Stay Anonymous On The Internet While Browsing

stay anonymous on the internet while browsing

First Way: The Onion Router

Onion Router gives you the freedom to stay anonymous on the internet while browsing internet by using a technique where they route the Web Traffic with the help of encrypted layers. As a result, the traffic origin is incomprehensible. You can use the Onion Router for the following purposes:-

  • Political insurgents
  • Whistle blowing stuffs
  • Protecting privacy
  • To be anonymous

You can easily use the Onion Router by downloading the Tor Browser Bundle.

Second Way: VPN

If you want to hide your original ID in the world of the internet, then the best thing that you can do is use VPN. If there are censorship’s in your area, then VPN can prove to be your best buddy. There are many VPNS out there like TorGuard and Private Internet Access that will happily allow you to maintain your anonymous personality in the virtual world. As I have mentioned above that nothing is 100% safe on the internet, so you shouldn’t also easily trust your VPN, as chances are there that you might be leaving some clue behind you. To be 100% sure, run a test on DNSLeakTest.

Third Way: Virtual Machines

It seems like harmless files can do no harm to your privacy but the truth is, even files like PDF can be a threat. If you are downloading simple files which you suspect can reveal your privacy, you should open those files on a virtual machine. Do you know how to do it? Read the steps mentioned below to know.

Step 1: Load the Linux distribution in a VirtualBox.

Step 2: Configure the settings according to your needs.

Step 3: Take and save the snapshot of the VM. Next.

Step 4: Now download the file that you wish to open.

Step 5: Turn off the virtual machine connection with internet.

Now, you can easily view the file completely anonymous.

Fourth Way: Block third-party cookies

Whenever you are visiting any website, make sure that you are turning off the cookies in order to save your privacy from the prying eyes. When you block third party cookies you make it hard for the advertisers to monitor the pages that you are visiting. Now say goodbye to usage profile by leaving no tracks of your browsing style. This might make you anonymous and at the same time you will probably see the advertisements on a webpage completely irrelevant. 

Fifth Way: Use Whonix

Whonix is an operating system that is all about privacy and security which in turn means that you can browse anonymously in this operating system. Whonix works by mingling two things, which are Tor and an isolated network. You can easily download and install Whonix to maintain your anonymity.

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Sixth Way: Incognito Mode

incognito mode to stay anonymous

If you use Google Chrome, I am sure you must be familiar with the term ‘Incognito Mode’. Not only Google Chrome but many other browsers now allow you to use Incognito Mode. it won’t provide you a Hi-Fi privacy, but it will surely help you in getting some local privacy in your area (your ISP could still track your browsing history if needed).

Seventh Way: Manage your Plug-in

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet while browsing, then you should learn how to manage plug-ins. But when you disable plug-ins most of the popular websites can’t be viewed. You can escape this problem by following the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Configure the settings of your browser so that a website seeks your permission before running plug-in.

Step 2: Always run sandboxed plug-ins.

And yeah, that’s it now you will be able to manage all your plug-ins to remain safe in the internet world.

Eight Way: Install the Extension of Ghostery

You can easily download and install the Ghostery extension in all your browsers. This extension makes sure that all your trackers are blocked. Apart from that, it also provides other information like what kind of tracking services is used to track you on the internet. On the basis of the analysis, you can make changes in the settings to protect yourself. You can customize Ghostery according to your needs.

Final Word

These are few of the sure shot ways to stay anonymous on the internet while browsing internet. Which of the following ways would you prefer to maintain and protect your privacy? If these ways have worked for you, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Stay safe and stay protected till then! Also please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.