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As a Blogger, you must definitely have an idea on the Social Media Strategy to some extent. Without using any social media strategies, you cannot go any further in improving number of visits to your site. If you think you only need traffic from search engines, then it takes you longer than normal. Social Media also plays an important role for driving traffic to your blog. But, is everyone successful in driving traffic through social media? There are only a few who have the best Social Media strategy which works very well for them. Not everyone can get the same results through Social Media. There are some mistakes that you’re probably doing while using social media to drive traffic. Let me discuss in detail with you.

Marketing Through Social Media

Apart from the traffic from Search Engines, you also should be successful in driving traffic through social media. When I say Social Media, more than 70% of you here would think only of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is where most of us go wrong. There are still many more that you could use for promoting your brand or site. I here, will give you the best of using social media and also best ways for marketing through social media.

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I’m listing out the best Social Media platforms other than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ here for you.

  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn

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I guess these are enough for marketing or it will be difficult for social media management. But, the problem with any of the social media is, you need to have followers. It is not easy to build followers for you. Users need to trust you for what you are and what you talk. It takes time, but eventually they would be your loyal visitors if you put your efforts gaining their trust. And you might be thinking, “Why concentrate on Social Media Strategies? Why not concentrate more on Search Engines?” I never asked you to stop concentrating on Search Engines, but I always wanted to tell you is, “Also concentrate on Social Media.” Because, one day or the other, you can see your traffic raise through Social Media all alone by more than 10% (in some cases). Most of the popular bloggers drive traffic through Social Media, dominating the search visits through Search Engines. So, do not underestimate the power of Social Media.

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Social Media Strategy

The Main Strategy


social media strategies

  • The main Social Media Strategy is, to build your followers. As I mentioned above, it is not easy, but worth it.
  • Be active on all the Social Media sites that I’ve mentioned above and establish connections.
  • Share your latest blog posts and also something interesting you find on web, other than your blog posts.

These three points should be noted before you crave for traffic from Social Media. Looks simple, but it is not. Try for yourselves and experience it.

What Is The Correct Time To Promote

social media strategy

As I was surfing the web, I came upon an info-graphic, on the best times to promote your content on Social Media. Not all were mentioned in it, but what ever was mentioned stands to be right. I tried it myself and experienced the difference. So, I thought it would be better if I share this with you. The above is the info-graphic for the best and worst times to share or promote your valuable content on the Social Media sites.

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Marketing Through Social Media – Using VCB

Marketing through social media

Viral Content Buzz stands to be the best to promote your site and get huge results. You need not have any followers specially on VCB. All you need to do, is to link your VCB account to your Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. You can share your article and allot credits to it. Depending upon the credits, people are allowed to share your article on their wall and they earn credits for sharing. But, once the allotted credits to the article are completed, you need to allot more, for any further shares, or that post cannot be shared.

You get credits for sharing others posts on your wall. But, the main point to be noted while you use VCB is, “Do not over share content for Credits. Once you do so, you cannot share anything else until you build your audience (followers).” I’ve made wrong steps on VCB and now, I regret it. I shared more articles of others, earned credits, added those credits to my already existing article and also added some new posts, and then deleted the posts I’ve shared on my wall. And now, I’m not allowed to share any article to earn credits until I build my audience. So, greed to get more shares on VCB could put you in situation you wouldn’t need.


If you have good (more) number of followers on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, then VCB could be your best friend. It is very useful to drive traffic to your blog. So, do not misuse it, or you’ll regret it.

So, Social Media strategy as I’ve discussed, needs to be well tuned for better results. Using VCB should be great to drive traffic. You must be wise while using Social Media. Hope this helped you. Do comment your strategies and best social sites that you use. Thank You.


  1. I have a question regarding Viral Content Bee, will it affect my AdSense in anyway if I share my contents in it?

    • Sure Neha. One day or the other, you can kiss success for sure. Follow all the steps carefully. Do some research before you do anything. Takes time, but works best. All the best 🙂

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