Dating is all fun and games when we are young. Some of the best memories we make as young people are through dating. But eventually, we all grow up and want to settle down. Dating is no longer a fun game and switching partners seems more like a chore than like a fun thing.

This feeling is further accelerated if you have had a steady relationship for a while. You eventually feel love for this person who has been there for you through so much. So now you want to propose.

But proposals themselves are quite scary. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if you somehow mess up? You want everything from the timing, the ring, the venue to the mood to be absolutely spot-on when you propose. If you have made up your mind but don’t know where to start from, here are some simple tips to get you started:

Consult a Dating Coach

If you aren’t too sure about taking your relationship to the next level, you can take consultation from a professional. You can visit MelbourneDatingCoach the website to get suggestions on how to get a good dating coach. He or she will then listen to you about your journey with your girlfriend thus far and then give you advice on how to proceed further.

Involve her Parents

If your girlfriend likes a gentleman’s touch to everything, you can do the chivalrous thing and talk to her parents about it first. Ask them for their daughter’s hand and make sure they think of you as a perfect individual for her. If you are planning something big, you can talk to them about how to surprise her. Parents love being involved in the big decisions of their children’s lives and their blessings will only prove to be useful to you.

Consult her Friends for the Ring

One of the most important parts of a proposal is the ring. Since women have very specific taste in jewelry, you want it to be absolutely perfect. When it comes to things like jewelry, no one knows your girlfriend’s tastes better than her friends. We understand if you thought you knew her tastes best, but normally girls prefer to talk to their friends about matters like jewelry instead of their significant others. In fact, chances are that she has discussed the exact kind of engagement she wants with her friends at some point.  So pick up her best friend and go shop for the perfect ring.

two rings

Don’t Go Overboard

We’ve all watched movies and shows that have completely ruined our perception of what the perfect proposal is. So many of us want something huge and romantic, with fireworks and an orchestra; but remember that the main expense you will have to deal with will be the wedding. So keep it simple but do not skip on the romance. You can do it in the place where you two first met, or you can decorate your house and invite her for the proposal, get your creative side going!