Almost all of us use the mail service, isn’t it? May that be a Yahoo or Google , Rediff mail service. Once the basic way to communicate with some one is just by mail. Have you ever thought what happens when you send a mail?The internal function that takes place with your single click on “Send”. Now, the social networking sites have took over the mail services, but still many use it to send files or images etc. In this article I am going to tell you what happens when you click on “Send”.


First when you log on to your account, hit “Compose mail” which allows you to create a new email. You fill all the required fields to send a mail. Like your body of the post, Subject and attach any files if required and finally you enter the email address of the recipient. Then to send a mail, you just click on “Send.” Why am I telling you this? You definitely know all this, isn’t it? No one today is so dumb not to know this. But what I wanted to tell you is different. Generally after you press send, you simply will be notified that your message has been sent in just seconds.


No one have really ever thought of what happens when you press “Send.” The internal mechanism is unknown to many of the users. Of course it is not needed too. What would you do by knowing all that? You just got your work done simply. But, I would like to tell you what happens, “The inner mechanism”. You could call it, “The story of send.” You could see the entire process that is carried out with your single click here. Open the link and know it yourselves. http://www.google.com/green/storyofsend/desktop/

The above link shows the animation of how a mail is actually sent when you press send. It’s fun to know this. Share it with your friends too.