There is a good news for all the two wheeler’s who reside in the city of Hyderabad. Two-wheeler riders of Hyderabad can now travel around the city without having to worry about the documents like driving license, RC paper, Insurance paper and other documents. The reason behind this hassle free ride is the wonderful RTA M. Wallet app that has recently been launched by the brilliant officers in the transport department of Hyderabad. Information Technology Minister K Taraka Rama Rao expressed his happiness for the creative step that has been taken for the first time in India. However, there is no official announcement about the same being implemented to the four wheeler’s.

The rider needs to have a smartphone with the RTA M. Wallet app to ride without tension. The two-wheeler riders need to upload the documents related to vehicle on the app. The rider will have to produce the same at the time of police checking. This new technology will bring smiles to more than 80L riders. Most of the times, we forget to carry our driving license because of our carelessness and as a result, we end up paying fine. Now say goodbye to all these burdens, because in the modern world, we might forget to carry our papers but do we ever forget our smartphone? No!

Smartphones with both Android and iOS platforms will be able to run the app on their devices.

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Using the new RTA’s M. Wallet isn’t a herculean task. We are here with a detailed guide to use it. Follow the steps given below to successfully get benefited by this innovative change adapted by the Hyderabad transport department.

Steps To Use RTA M Wallet App

Download and install TS RTA M Wallet app.

Download RTA M-Wallet App For iOS

Download RTA M-Wallet App For Android


Step 1: Register your name, phone number and email address.

rta m wallet app registration
Register With Name, Email & Mobile

Step 2: You will receive an OTP to your mobile after you click on “Register”. Enter the OTP to authenticate. 

authentication to rta m-wallet android app
Enter received OTP

Step 3: Once you are registered, you need to sign-in by entering your Mobile Number and OTP.

sign in to upload documents in m-wallet app
Sign In with Mobile Number & OTP

Step 4: As a newly registered user, your documents will not be available. Go ahead and add your documents to the server using the RTA M-Waller app.

adding license and other documents in rta m wallet app
Click on “Add New” Button

Once you click on “Add New” button, you will be asked to add RC and License details. Check out the below images to understand it much better.

Add RC Details
Add RC Details
add license to m-wallet app
Add License Details

And that’s it. You can now relax. Your details are successfully uploaded to the RTA’s server. You can access them using the RTA M Wallet app whenever you need. How easy was that?

The app has been developed by the start-up, “Radikal Tribe“. The information entered in the app will directly reach the Telangana Transport Department. The owners will get the following documents once they register themselves in the M. Wallet app:

  • E-driving license
  • E-RC
  • E-Insurance
  • E-Pollution

For obtaining the driving license, the owner has to give the following information: license number, date of birth and the zone of the registered license. Once the correct information is entered, the documents can be saved in the digital format in the smartphone. As a result of this, people won’t be able to fake the documents anymore.

We hope that this easy method of carrying documents related to our vehicle is practiced in every state. If you have experienced the benefit of this app, don’t forget to share it with us. It is you who can pass the information to all your dear ones who live in the state of Telangana. Have a happy and safe ride. Thank You.