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Overview On RockTheShow

“rocktheshow” is a social network which connects people with common passion around the world. It is also a market place for the dying artistic industry. It is a place where people have freedom to form communities and interact with others to share their thoughts and also develop a mutual learning ecosystem. Here people can showcase their talent to the entire world on a common platform. It acts as a river where people can fetch flowing talent and get connected to others. Communities will group them and help them to work together.

People can also hire talented artists (like photographers for their birthday) in market place. So, it acts as a junction between talent-seekers and people with talent.

People can also compete with others and prove their talent in CONTESTS which will be held world-wide.

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There will be a separate learning hub (in communities) which will be maintained and edited by experts that can be used as a resource centre to learn things, depending on your interests.


A “league” is the most important concept of rocktheshow. It specifies the art (broadly categorised). The following is the list of the leagues we added for the first version:

  • Photography
  • Art(painting/drawing/sketching)
  • Content Writing
  • Film Making
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Music
  • Dance

People can choose their leagues while registering and can modify that list at any point of time. It acts as a filter and separates people into divisions. People can form communities inside leagues.


Community is a place where people can share their thoughts by posting, involving in group discussions etc. They can also help other each other and this invokes mutual learning.

For a fresh community to get enlisted in its respective league, it needs approval from at-least 100 people (so that the community stays active). Anyone who is present in his/her respective league can create a community. There won’t be any admin to a community and anyone can manage it. To close a community, there will be voting system where more than half of the people should approve of it.


Every user of rocktheshow will have a profile. It is a place where people can display their details. They can also showcase their talent to others (if he/she is a photographer they can display their photographs). They can also maintain their own personalized blog where they can post stuff related to their interests and their journey.


It is a part of community where people can develop their skill by learning. It is constantly updated and maintained by experts (as already mentioned above). It is present in the form of a course and everyone will be able to access it from their respective leagues.

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It is a portal where people will be able to access all the available artists based on their price range and some other specifications. When a search is done, it returns with the list of artists with all the details along with their contact information. They can choose anyone based on their requirements. It is more like an online employment for the talent of yours that are not recognized.


Here is the fun part. People can start a competition (becomes active with 100 votes). Any artist from around the world can participate in it. The winners will be decided based on public voting.

Here the initiator can specify the number of people participating in it and the time span of the event (for example, if he/she starts a photography event then he/she will be able to set the limit of the number of participants (500) and a time span (7 days) and people will be able to upload their photographs for the first 3 days and the remaining 4 days will be left for public voting).


To become a user of rocktheshow, people will have to register for an account and activate it via E-mail. They will also be able register via Facebook, Twitter, Google .They need to select their leagues while registering.


User should login to get access to his account (similar to all other social networking sites).  When he logins for the first time he will be directed to profile building page where he should add his details.


There will be a pop-up in every page describing the contents of the page till the user gets used to them (as many concepts are new).


It is a page where all the posts will be displayed like the posts done inside communities or personal blogs.


It is a place where all the budding communities will be voted to get enlisted in the list of established communities in their respective leagues.

PING! (Personal Message)

It is used as a means of communication between users where can send messages and discuss on specific aspects privately. It is more like a private chat.


It is a chat portal with multiple users inside a community. 


Users will be able to post in their personalised blog as well as in communities. These are posts that will be displayed in SPACE.


Every user will be able to send feedback to us (site admin) for further developments and to know the flaws in the web application. You can expect quick changes in the requests you made, if they are genuine and worth changing.



So, these are the features of rocktheshow ready to show up by the midnight of Jan 1st(expected, but not sure). And guess what, this is the site created by students of Gitam University – Visakhapatnam. Hope you all try it for sure. Thank You.

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