Mobile App developers are in huge numbers today. To withstand the competition today, there are some Pre-Requisites that you should consider following. Without a proper plan and steady, you wouldn’t last longer in the market, and it is a fact. So, as a mobile app developer, let us assume you’re trying to develop an unique and new app to publish it in the market. But before publishing, what all do you need to take care of? There are just a few things as Pre-Requisites. In this post here, we’ll discuss on them. But before that, let me tell you a little on developing mobile apps.

Developing Mobile Apps

mobile app developers

Developing mobile apps is a challenge to the programmers. Learning programming is tough, but implementing it in the real world is more tough. But, if you have the Zeal and passion towards programming, you can play with it. This – is an open secret. The one’s that are successful are those who work hard, hard and harder. Nothing comes easy, does it?

As I already mentioned above about the competition, Mobile App Developers are plenty in number and the only thing you should consider before you start developing mobile apps is, ‘ whether your concept is new, unique and addictive?‘ Once you’ve answers for these questions, there comes the next. “What type of audience do you really need to focus on, for your project here?” If you’re positive with the answers, you’re good to go. Start developing mobile apps, do not delay a second.

But, is your job done once you have developed the app? There are some tips here, which you could consider to optimize apps. Few are listed below. Remember to optimize apps you’ve developed before publishing. If you don’t, you loose your app users. So, be careful from the very beginning.

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Tips To Consider – For Mobile App Developers

Developing mobile apps
Overview Of Steps In App Development


The above image clearly gives you an overview on developing mobile apps. A simple info-graphic for better understanding. Now, let us see some tips to be considered while developing and before publishing your mobile apps.

Tip 1 – Create a Simple Interface

Most of the people love apps that have simple interface to one with very complicated and complex interface. Customers (or say users), love to use the apps that are really useful. Though you’ve developed an useful app with wonderful concept, but failed to make it simple to use, you are not going into the path of achieving success anymore. Applications with less complexity are loved more than with applications with more features. You should also provide more features, but try creating and organizing them in a very less complex way. This would be helpful for the users and in turn, you’d benefited.

Tip 2 – Faster Access

Having faster access is more important than anything else. Consider yourselves using an app on your phone that runs very slow while navigating or using any other feature. Would you still use it? – None does. So, try making you app run faster at any cost. Though your concept is not unique, sometimes only faster access might get you more customers.

For example, at the beginning, WhatsApp was loved by many for its speed, though there are many other messaging services like Hike, Viber, WeChat, Line etc. Speed is what that takes you into the top levels in the market. Never neglect this. Try optimizing app with speed.

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Tip 3 – Use UI Scaling Tools To Identify Any Display Issues

It is also important to keep track of the display on some mobile phones. Your design might fit some, but might not be fitting a few. Why miss those customres? Try to edit the display for such type of mobile phones. Loosing even one single customer matters a lot. So, optimize apps for ALL types of Phones.

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Tip 4 – Create App Compatible For More Platforms

Let us assume you’ve developed an app for Android and neglected all the other platforms. What does that mean? Are only Android users your customers? Though the majority use Android, there are still millions of people using other platforms. If you’re developing mobile apps that is compatible only with Android, it is not advisable. Try to create a cross-platform compatible app for better results.

Tip 5 – Testing Your Project Before Release

This is the most important thing to be considered if you’re a developer. Before publishing your app in the market, test it several times. Every time you test your project, there is a chance, where you can find few flaws. And by identifying the flaws, you can rectify them before a user actually notices that and posts a negative review.

Negative reviews in the beginning might harm your business very much. So, better be careful. Test a few days to find the flaws. Also ask your close friends to use the app on your phone for sometime and take a review. You can find some more to improve by taking a second opinion.

So, these are the 5 tips that all the mobile app developers should consider before publishing in the market. Work hard, follow the tips and achieve success. It is also better to hire a promoter, one with good social following and trust. He might get your app to a new level. All the very best for all of you. Feel free to comment your views in the comment section below. Do not forget to subscribe. Thank You.

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