Computer Virus! What Does This Actually Mean?

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In Biology, Virus is something that harms our (human) body. We consider body as a computer in this case. The computer virus is a program or a software that harms the Host computer by stealing some data or by corrupting the files: Creating shortcuts or displaying humorous messages on the screen. Today, I will tell you the process to remove virus, “How to remove virus from browser?”, and also on best virus removal tools. Before getting started, let me tell you something on “How a virus is actually created.

How a Virus Is Created? And Why?

Well, virus can be called as a program that is written by the hackers or Virus writers exclusively to **harm** us (our system). The virus writers make use of social engineering in order to detect the vulnerabilities of the host (not the only way though). This helps them find a way to get their hands on the target computers. The Malware programs that are injected into the system through various sources like executable files or softwares, will eventually perform some sort of harmful activity running in the system’s background processes. Some virus writers uses them to specify that there exists a loophole in the system, not intentionally hurt the computer/software. These are called exploitable vulnerabilities.

Understanding Terms

Malware – Malware is a program that is specifically written with an intent to harm system.

Virus – Virus is a type of Malware that runs when some file is executed and sticks to it, spreading to the other files infecting them.

Worm – Viruses that are self-contained and move on the machine to infect other files, all by themselves.

Trojan – Trojan is a term used to address the virus that runs with some file that is executed. If the file is already infected and is run, that is a security breach to the system.

Types of Viruses

There are various types of computer viruses. E-mail virus, Trojans and Browser hijackers are frequent among them. E-mail viruses effects the computer when the user opens these mails that contains viruses. Trojans grab the confidential details like Login-ID’s, Passwords etc illegally. Browser Hijackers create/use Web Malwares making the browser behave uncanny. Unlike viruses, Spyware is a type of software that is installed on your computer to watch and record your activity. Some types of spyware record your keystrokes and information that you type into websites or other programs and then use that information for targeted advertising or identity theft. Surprisingly these viruses are attached to the usual downloads on the internet. They secretly run in background and cause a whole lot of damage. The degree of damage depends on the Malware program written by the virus writer. So be careful while downloading files from internet. I suggest you to prefer trusted sites to evade these attacks.

Symptoms of Virus/Spyware:

Is your computer working slowly than normal? This might be a symptom of virus. However, there can be other reasons for slow performance, including a hard disk that needs de-fragmentation, a computer that needs more memory (RAM), or the existence of spyware or Adware. An E-mail virus works by sending many copies of itself through E-mail. One indicator of this is, the activity light on your broadband or external modem is constantly lit; another is the sound of your computer’s hard disk continually working. These are not always symptoms of a computer virus, but when combined with other problems, can indicate a virus infection.

How To Avoid/Remove Virus From Our Computers?

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Now this is important. Before your computer is being effected with malicious software, download and install a good Antivirus software and scan once every week or turn on auto-scan protection at a particular time of the day. It is always better to turn-on Windows firewall, because most of the virus programs are targeted to effect computers that run on Windows platforms. If possible, update the Antivirus always when available because new viruses appear everyday. There are also many virus removal tools available that can be used to avoid malware attacks.

You can get rid of viruses by scanning your system with Anti-Virus. Most viruses are found in the scan and can be removed. Try any one of the best Anti-Virus to get better results.

Download Kaspersky Free Virus Scanner

Download Avast Free Virus Scanner

Download Free McAfee Free Virus Scanner

  • Installing any of these might slow down your system.
  • Installing more than 1 is highly not recommended.

Virus Removal Tools To Remove Virus/Malware

Though you ask me for best virus removal tools, I would not recommend anything other than Anti-Virus. Because any other non-trusted softwares could eventually cause more harm to your PC. So, do not go searching virus removal tools and fall prey to a new virus. Some tips below might help you get rid of viruses.

It is not highly recommended to download various Anti-malware softwares in a single system. One of the best virus removal tools is a strong/good Antivirus. It’s nothing like good or bad in installing one Antivirus software among many, but remember not to use more than one Antivirus in same system. Doing that may lead to clashes. To be simple, just in case you got to know that an effecting software exists in your computer, Go to Control Panel>Programs->Uninstall a Program in your windows and remove the programs that you find installed without your knowledge. Always update your Anti-Virus when ever there is an update available and scan your PC at least once in a week.

Another tool that can be used, is Windows firewall. This can help you only to some extent. Other alternative is to enter into Safe Mode by pressing F8(may vary for others) at the time of booting. In Safe mode you can use your programs normally but the options are little less. Before going to safe mode, Download and install Microsoft Safety Scanner. Now run the scanner in safe mode by following the on-screen instructions.

Online Virus Scanner

There are also some Online virus [malware] scanner(s) that can be used. But it is not recommended to use them because internet is the main source for virus attacks. Instead of using tools, one way to remove a virus/spyware is by removing all the unnecessary extensions and toolbars in your browser that are installed without your assistance/notice. You can observe a noticeable change in your system performance compared with regular performance if you consider following all the steps that are mentioned above. It is also a good practice to clear all the temporary files when system hangs. However when situations are worst, better to restore/format your PC with new Operating system like windows, ubuntu etc. Better have a back-up of your data before doing this. You can also consider to remove virus without actually using Anti-Virus. Check out “How to remove virus from your computer using basic command prompt tool?“.

How To Remove USB Shortcut Virus?

remove shortcut virus

The issue with USB’s is, sometimes our files are converted into shortcuts and cannot be opened normally. Now this is irritating right? If the data is not very important you can simply format your Pendrive/SDcard. But what if your data is very important that you cannot delete?? Just remember this command:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d <Your usb drive letter>:\*.*

Open command prompt and type the above command placing the Drive letter in the blank.

This should convert all your shortcuts to normal files. It is Highly recommended to copy the data now and format the Pendrive/Sdcard after the above step and again add data into it.

For any further assistance on removing shortcut viruses in Pen Drive, check “How To Remove Shortcut Virus.”

How To Remove Virus From Browser?

There are certain issues that you might encounter someday or the other with your browser. Your default search engine might be changed to some other, once the virus is infected. Even if you try changing the default homepage again, that will not be changed according to your selection if it is a virus. So, it is now very clear that your browser is infected with virus. How to remove virus now? There are some methods to remove virus from your browser. In a guest post of mine at Geek Dashboard, I clearly mentioned on various methods to remove virus from browser. Check out “How to Uninstall istart.webssearches Malware from Browser“. Though it concentrates mostly on removing that particular virus, the process stands almost same for all types of viruses in browser. So, you can definitely make use of it.

Loss caused by Viruses

Computer viruses currently cause huge loss of economic damage each year, by causing systems failure, wasting computer resources, corrupting data, increasing maintenance costs etc. In response to this, free/open source antivirus tools have been developed, and a multi-billion dollar industry of antivirus vendors has cropped up, selling virus protection to users of various operating systems of which Windows is often the most effected, partially due to its extreme popularity. No currently existing antivirus software is able to catch all computer viruses. Computer security researchers are actively searching for new ways to enable antivirus solutions to detect emerging viruses more effectively , before they have already become widely distributed. Anyhow this is a cyclic process. Virus writers keep on creating and researchers find solution to it!

So, you now got the ways to remove virus from your PC, “How to remove virus from browser”, best virus removal tools. Hope this helped you. Feel free to share this and comment your views/problems. Do not forget to subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You 🙂