PK ban in India

The recent hit of the Bollywood movies is the Khan’s “PK” starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. PK has attracted almost all the audience and has been a great hit for now. But PK has been facing a ban in India due to some controversial ideas on the screen. Apart from the reasons for PK ban in India, there is one frustrated audience who shared his view on the reasons for the ban sarcastically.

Reasons For PK Ban In India

Let’s ban the movie. Why?
1. Human should not be rational in nature. We should blindly follow superstitions and live in constant fear of ‘Godman’ in India.
2. The movie showed the main antagonist as an ‘Hindu’. All hindus in India are good people. Hindus can never commit any crime due to the great ‘ethics’ of Hindu religion.
3.Ours is a Hindu nation. It is now a high time that we put secularism in the dustbin and let us decide our political masters on basis of caste, religion, gender,language etc. Movies that promote unity/humanism should be banned.
4. ‘Love’ should be decided only by religion , caste , creed , nationality etc.
any person who engages in intercaste/inter religion marriages should be killed and theatres that show such movies should be burned.
Humanity and nationalism in the nation should be replaced by Hindu extremism. Any film that shows otherwise should be declared illegal. PK shows problems prevailing in the Hindu society which is the dominant religion of India. Hindu religion is the most perfect religion in the world. We do not have any problems with our religion. Superstitions, casteism , fake babas have a specific role in the society. They are for the benefit of the ‘Hindu’ society. In fact we should have made people like Aasaram Bapu as the prime minister of the country. Let us destroy our modern civilisation because it is ‘foreign and western’ and rebuild our Hindu Rashtra.

SOURCE: ViralChronics

I see the perspective of the person to be completely correct. A movie is to enjoy and we must enjoy. Apart from the enjoyment, if there’s any social or religious emotion expressed, one must consider it to take the right way for a change. Irrespective of the concept, raising voice against an experiment is irrational.

In fact, I’m a Hindu and I don’t see anything wrong in it. There’s never a scene in the whole movie that is in favor to any of the religion. It is just normalized to the concept of God irrespective of the religion. But as there are large number of Hindu’s in our country, the director focused on the Hindu God ( not in an offensive way either). There is not a single reason to ban this movie, according to my perspective.

This movie PK is surely a good and realistic message to all the people in India. If this movie should be banned, does that ring the bells of the statement “Not all Muslims are Terrorists.” ? Considering my view, and almost more than 80% of the people, we strongly believe that “Not all Muslims are Terrorists” and “There’s no offense in the movie PK to get banned.”

Note: Please pardon me for bringing the issue of my Muslim brothers into this. It’s just to get the topic and the view straight and clear.

I strongly support to remove the ban on PK. If you think the reasons for PK ban in India are legit, or not, please do comment here. Your views are important and matter a lot.


  1. PK shoukld be ban

    In India being a pseudo secular is fashion, i think being anti Hindu is
    new definition of secularism. Films now’s a day targeting Hindu
    community in the name of creative freedom.Why any of such film does not
    target the corrupt practices of Islam like polygamy, child marriage, low
    status to woman and wearing burkah. The director and actor fears of
    fatwas against them so they do not target the Islam.You can read ongoing
    unrest in different newspaper

    Particularly Aamir target Hindu practices in his show Satyamev Jyate but
    does not any subject related to ISLAM.I ask why such hypocrisy is
    maintained by the media community against the Hinduism. In recent event
    you can see that PK Dubai party is sponsored by Pakistani media group
    Ary Digital.All criminals and underground mafia invest their money in
    brainwashing the mind of the Indian Youth.Even on the cyberworld there
    is ongoing debate regarding the pk on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Good point you have here Mr. Bankim pandey.. There surely must be some films which could show the realitreality of some religious practices.. But, as you’ve made a point on the show Satyameva Jayate, it really isn’t the situation we should consider here (I guess). And coming to the movie, if you have already watched the movie, it would be really nice of you, if you could point out a particular scene where Hindu God’s have been mistreated. Being a Hindu, I did not find any such scene. But its just my personal view. I found all religions bought inro the film, but none of the religions were mistreated. The film created ambiguity in the people, who mistook the fim.. As I’ve asked, could you please point out a situation..
      Thank you 🙂

  2. PK ban now it is hot topic, friends I told one thing everyone show Hindu gods in movies with bad manner, plz stop this type of things, but many movie producers and directors are following these type of con traversal issues then they get credits to their movies, so stop this type of things

    • I wonder what made you think that the director disrespected the Hindu God in the movie.. Would you please let us know that?

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