Memory capacity to store files has been a big issue for many as they would run out of space soon with the available cards. San disk has always been concentrating on this issue and was successful, we should say. It was first to bring 128 GB Micro SD. The San Disk Micro SD Card has now reached its new level of storage capacity. San Disk India has announced its micro SD with the capacity of 512 GB. This would of course not be a very good choice for normal people. But, for Photographers, it might be a boon. They might save numerous photographs not worrying about running out of space.


San Disk Micro SD Card

The San Disk Micro SD card has seen a new era with its launch of 128GB, we thought. But now, it has again surprised us with its launch of 512 GB SD card. Back in 2003, San Disk has unveiled its first 512MB SD card. After 11 years, it has released its 512 GB Micro SD. The storage capacity has increased about 1000 times in a decade. This SD card provides a write speed of 90 MB/s. This is really a good speed. Of course we do need that speed as the storage space is really high. Coming to the price of this SD card, the San Disk Micro SD Card – 512 GB is priced at 51,990/-. The 512 GB SD Card comes with a UHS speed Class 3 (C3).


San Disk 64 GB SD Card

We also have another SD Card from San Disk with storage capacity of 64 GB. It is the world’s fastest SD Card at present with a write speed of 95 MB/s. The price ranges about 9,700/-. This SD Card is built to restrain the harsh conditions, so this Card will be able to sustain conditions that no other SD cards have so far been able to. They are : temperature proof, water proof, shock proof and X-ray proof.