When coming to the cars, each one has a different taste. Be it the exterior design, interior design, riding comfort, engine specs or price range. Every factor of a car’s design is responsible for one to go for it. Once, i20 was one of the best selling cars with an excellent design. Now, recently it has come with its new version, “Hyundai i20 elite 2014.” The first time I saw this vehicle, I fell in love instantly. The design made me to fall in love. I used to think, i20 has the best design and the manufacturer Hyundai has again taken me with its new model of i20.

New Hyundai I20 Elite 2014


This i20 elite comes with two Engine variants, one is with 1197cc petrol variant, 82bhp @600 RPM power. The other comes with 1396cc Diesel variant, 89 bhp @4000 RPM power. The gear box is a 5 Speed manual gear and 6 Speed manual gear. The both variants come with a Front Wheel Drive . This new Elite i20 has attracted many with its design and of course the engine specs.


The Hyundai i20 elite price is around 4.90 Lakhs to 7.67 Lakhs. i20 comes with a variety of variants. Each variant has its own features and differs in its pricing. Of course, the above mentioned are the Ex-Showroom prices. On Road price may vary accordingly. A clear view of the pricing chart is given below according to the model of the new Hyundai i20 elite 2014.



The exterior design of this new Hyundai i20 elite 2014 is however does not resemble in any way to the old version of i20. It comes with an extraordinary looks in its hatchback design. The head lights are designed in such a way that it makes the car gain the sporty look. The back end of the car is given with a big logo of Hyundai in the middle very attractively. The tail lamps are a long wraparound type one’s and the bumpers are accommodated with the reverse lights and reflectors on either side.

i20 Elite front view

The interior design is classy with the re-designed dashboard. The steering is given with the adaptive parking assist, lane change indicator etc. It also has audio and Bluetooth controls. The engine is a four cylindered engine.


This car gives the competition to the Volkswagen POLO and Fiat PUNTO EVO for now. It is designed to attract more of its customers with its exterior design which is far better than the POLO and PUNTO. So, there might be a better chance for this to boost up its sales. All the given features of this car are good at the price, which is another advantage for its sales.