A New car 2013 by the Tesla Motors, is the Tesla Model S, is a fully electric car produced by Tesla motors.There has been a rapid growth in the sales of cars in the past 10 years. So, it’s time to design and furnish a new model into the market. Speed, design and of course mpg are the three determining factors for a car sale. Considering all the three factors, with driving comfort, in 2013, TESLA has launched it’s Model S in two variants(60 kW-h and 85 kW-h).
With extraordinary outlook design, with smooth driving comfort and yeah, an electric car has come into the market. The Tesla Model S is an electric car which is no way lesser to any other car in the market. The battery pack of 85 kW-h top speed hits 130 mph(210 km/h) and accelerates to 60 miles in just 4.2 seconds.  The battery pack of 60 kW-h top speed hits about 120 mph (190 km/h) and accelerates to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds.
This Model S of Tesla has won 2013 World Green Car of the year and many other awards. Pollution free car that run similar to any other car on roads and also gives you about (89 mpg) 38 kW-h/100mi. Many cars that run on gas, produce a lot of pollution causing a severe threat to the environment. The Tesla motors have come up with a solution with an Eco-friendly concept of its production. This causes no pollution and it does meet the requirements of those who needs an extraordinary exterior design, interior comfort and also MPG. 
If you are the one, who doesn’t want to spend lot from your wallet at the filling stations for GAS, this model suits you the best. And also helps to reduce your part in destroying the environment (Just Kidding). It also has 362hp@6000rpm and a turning circle of 37.0ft and coming to the ground clearance, it has around 6.1′. The drive type is a Rear wheel drive. This model is available only in some locations. Make sure you check the availability and also the price range.