The Google Play store offers more than 1 million apps to Android users. We’ve gone out on a limb and assumed you already have the likes of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. installed on your device. So, here are 10 must-have apps for your smartphone, most of which, you probably didn’t know but are super useful and genuinely crucial for a smooth android experience!

1. FX File Explorer

FX file explorer is a file explorer for android that has the motto “to make working with files and media on your phone or tablet as easy as on your computer”. A good feature is its unique home screen design that puts the features you use most frequently right up in the front. It provides a lot of options for transferring data between your cloud or directly to other devices like a computer.fx file explorer

2. Google Photos

If your phone does not come with stock Android, there’s a good chance it comes with a default gallery app but there is not a better gallery app than Google Photos out there! It has some cool AI features. Additionally, you can create albums and move photos to those albums. This provides some good organization. The photos “reel” contains all synced photos but if you navigate to albums, you will see that all your photos are organized the way you want them to be. You’ll even see automatically generated albums, powered by Google’s inbuilt algorithms, and you additionally have the ability to assign names to faces and search for things like “cat” or “mountain” or “waterfall” in your collection of photos. Lastly, one of its best features is that it takes unlimited automatic free backup of all your photos and videos.Google Photos

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is hands down the best app for editing your photos on an Android device so much so that google assistant basically deems it as the best app developed by Google. This app is easily up there on the list of must-have apps for your smartphone. It is a complete and a professional photo editor and is developed by Google. It has so many filters and tools and can open JPEG as well as RAW images. This app truly makes editing fast and easy.Snapseed

4. Xender

Xender is a cross-platform file-transfer app which uses Wi-Fi to send files to other devices that also have Xender installed and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It is possible to send locally stored photos, videos, and files like documents. Xender would be especially helpful if one wants to share just one large file quickly and directly to a friend’s phone. It also has a feature called “Group” that allows users to transfer files to more than one participant simultaneously provided all the devices are connected to the same WiFi network.Xender

5. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus does not get the love it deserves. This is a great, open source, secure and ad-free web browser that truly provides the user with utmost privacy. It blocks all ads automatically as well. Nowadays phone browsers are mostly used to just quickly look up information and Focus is perfect for this. It automatically cleans your cookies and history once you exit it and is more of a bare-bones web browser. The only real con it has is that it does not have the option of keeping bookmarks.Firefox Focus

6. SleepyTime

SleepyTime is a very useful app. The app is based on the site and it calculates the best times for you to sleep and wake up based on sleep cycles. This app requires no permissions at all and is completely free to use with no ads whatsoever. Sleep cycles are a very crucial aspect in determining the quality of sleep you will get.

This app is very useful if you are a game addict and you have a tendency to skip the sleep while betting on sports sites. Install this app and it will remind you of sleeping time.Sleepytime

7. Psiphon

Psiphon is an app for android that allows you to get full access to the internet. It is a free application and it implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point connections. Basically, if you want to access a website that is blocked by your ISP, using Psiphon is the easiest way to access that website. Psiphon is amazing because it is really brutal and very clever in how it gets around content filtering. This is one of the must-have apps for your smartphone!Psiphon app

8. Pulsar Music player

Pulsar is an intuitive and tiny music player with a very cool and modern design. It is feature packed and has smart playlists made of most played, recently played or newly added tracks. It supports a wide array of audio formats like mp3, Wav, FLAC, Ogg etc.Puslar Music player android

9. CamScanner

CamScanner is a great utility app that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. The user can just snap a photo of documents, notes or id cards and CamScanner will automatically crop and enhance the image and turn the text inside the photo to be easily readable. One can then save this collection of photos as a PDF document with an option to share it on a variety of platforms.Camscanner

10. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey, which is now owned by Microsoft, probably has the best autocorrect out of all keyboards available on Android. Especially because it was the world’s first smartphone keyboard software that used an artificial neural network to predict and correct language. It has some incredible features like undocking, multi-language support, customizable themes (yes you can make your own keyboard theme). The application also has an option of personalization which basically enables it to learn the users typing pattern from a variety of platforms that they might use daily like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. SwiftKey keyboard is another android application that should genuinely be on the list of must-have apps for your smartphone.Swiftkey


Google Play Store consists of lots of apps. Some of them are splendid and quite useful but most of them are not optimized and are of low quality. So, with this article, we wanted to take out an objective to select must-have apps for your smartphone, specifically for Android devices. Hope you found the article useful!