Before entering into the world of smart phones, you must surely need to think for a while. All its features like camera, storage capacity and many others should be considered to the price of the mobile. Regardless of many other smart phones, MOTO E is the best budget phone available. When you chose to buy Moto E, you must have calculated many specifications and come to a final decision. The first thing you generally do is to check for the specifications and then the price or vice-versa.


A smart phone with not less than any other, that is available in the market today with a lower price is the first attraction for you to chose this mobile. The product’s promotional techniques are good enough to attract large number of people at the initial stage. Even after receiving the product, people are satisfied with the phone and the promotion is not needed now.
The features that makes you chose this phone might be:
  1. Excellent screen resolution. The screen looks bright and very attractive at the first sight. Attracting at the first sight is the major
  2. Speed. This phone is equipped with 1GB RAM where no other phone offers this at this particular price.
  3. Decent screen size. This phone has the perfect screen size for anyone to handle it with ease.
  4. Price range being below 8k is the main added advantage. The price of MOTO E is 6,999/- which appeals to many middle class people and those who are not likely to spend more of their cash to the smart phones.

Other than these, there aren’t any specific qualities which makes you buy this.


Aren’t there any other phones in this price range? There are several phones available in the market at this price range. India’s now leading mobile company, MICROMAX INDIA has many phones with various specifications, each one designed for a particular specification exclusively at that price range. Some phone in MICROMAX at this or lesser price range are UNITE 2, JUICE, CANVAS FIRE, CANVAS 2 and many more. Even there are many other smart phones available, like ASUS ZENFONE 5, REDMI 1S etc.


The reviews of MOTO E are good enough. The users are well satisfied with the product as it works smooth, fine and fast as described.
  1. The 1GB RAM never compromises the phone and the users of around 1 or 2 months never complained about a hang of the piece.
  2. Internal storage is way too low as it is just 4GB given with just around 1GB for the App storage. But, we could not expect more at this range.
  3. MOTO E users are very much satisfied with its bright display. Phones that cost around 12-14K also may not have this display. This is the most liked feature of MOTO E.
  4. The design is good enough and doesn’t look like a cheap phone.
  5. The camera quality is good in day light but dull when there is not enough light. It is a main drawback for this phone as it does not have any FLASH for the camera.

The overall performance of the phone can be considered as good. People who is likely to have more and more applications on their mobile are advised not to go for this phone.