The age of holographic world is finally here“When you change your way of perceiving the world, you can change the world you perceive.” Microsoft Augmented reality is the new hot topic for all the tech lovers. There has been constant researches in the fields of  augmented reality and holographic designs. Can we not expect this now? Let me tell you in brief on the Step of Microsoft [into] Augmented reality with the design of Hololens (Holographic designs).

Introduction On The Holographic Designs

Imagine a world that can be controlled by just some imaginary gestures and movements of your hands. The ability of transforming your world into a realm of your preferences: by just operating and manipulating the holograms.

We have always fathomed the futuristic vision of our world, where the current technologies could interact more personally with us. A world where the technologies could naturally adapt and adjust to the ways in which we create, learn and communicate. In other words, a realm where your digital and electronic lives become integrated and connected with the real life that you live in. The time has finally come where the world is to experience the world’s possibly most futuristic holographic computing platform ever built on this planet. This technology has been made possible only with the advent of the new Windows 10 Operating System.

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Microsoft Augmented Reality Made Live With HoloLens

Microsoft augmented reality

This is a major breakthrough in the field of Augmented Reality that has been made by Microsoft HoloLens. This smart device brings to life, some very high definition equipped holograms which seamlessly integrate very well with the physical spaces, places and things. Hologram is a new technology which had not been very well investigated and tested until now. The Microsoft HoloLens has opened some new avenues for the future of this unexplored virtual reality.

Review On the HoloLens Designed By Microsoft

On the last Wednesday, Microsoft finally revealed their new device which is called the HoloLens. This new entry is considered to be a milestone by many, in the currently very scarce field of under-active augmented reality. All of this has happened at a time where Google Glass and Oculus Rift have already swept the market of augmented reality market.

holographic designs

Very similar to the virtual reality, the AR technology acts as a catalyst between the real world and the apps and services that we use daily on our computers and smart phones. One of the best known devices available at the moment are Google Glass, a device while enables the user to see the text and images which are layered into the respective field of vision required while the more complex and immersive one is the Oculus Rift, an exclusive virtual reality device.

Having said enough about the devices already available in the market, Microsoft has stated that the new hologram programming will prove to be very promising in the near future. The man who is solely responsible for the development of Microsoft’s Kinetic device, Alex Kipman has revealed some details regarding the Microsoft HoloLens. He has called the Microsoft HoloLens as the “First Fully Un-Tethered Holographic Computer.”

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His words are to be noted as they indicate a lot about the current scenario in the group. He has also stated that “We’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds, beyond screens, beyond the pixels and beyond the today’s digital borders.

The current speculations indicate that this new Augmented Reality device will be released in the similar time frame as given to the release of Windows 10 which is expected to be launched this year. It is to be noted that Microsoft has not mentioned any specific prices yet. Fortunately, the new CEO Satya Nadella has said that he wants the enterprises and the customers to access this technology without worrying too much about the cost.

Round Up

Watch this video to get a sneak peek of this exciting technology. The Microsoft Augmented reality concept with the holographic designs, however excites me a lot. With, Google glass entering the market, it obviously is Microsoft’s biggest challenge to design something new, advanced and elite stuff with augmented reality headset. Give us your views on the concept of Microsoft Augmented reality. Thank you. Do not forget to Subscribe to Interest Waypoint today.

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