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Mi 4i

The Xiaomi Mi 4i as well as the OnePlusTwo are two newest mobile phones in the market of this new era. The cost of each of the mobile phone belies the truth that both equally have performance of mobile phones priced at twice just as much. Both the phones are sold in similar way and have an original way online. Consequently, they have earned plenty of attention because they are seriously preferred.

So, the bigger issue is selecting between these two. They surely are therefore evenly fixed in every single respect. Therefore, we now have done strict assessments on both the mobiles. Allow us to see what type is much better.

Specifications Comparison : Mi 4i Vs OnePlusTwo 

OnePlusTwo KEY SPECSXiaomi Mi 4i KEY SPECS
CPUQuad-Core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57CPUQuad-Core 1.7GHz Cortex-A53
Front Camera5-megapixelFront Camera5-megapixel
Resolution1080×1920 pixelsResolution1080×1920 pixels
OSOxygen UI, Android 5.0.1OSAndroid 5.0.2
Rear Camera13-megapixelRear Camera13-megapixel
Battery capacity3300mAhBattery capacity3120mAh

Style : Mi 4i Vs OnePlusTwo

The Xiaomi Mi 4i features a steel frame, along with a glossy plastic material back, which benefits an overstated curve. On the cut, there is certainly an iPhone 5S similar to chamfer. They both build high quality of the mobile phone which is quite impressive; along with this mobile phone fits comfortably in the palm therefore one-handed use is furthermore feasible. The shiny surface finish on the back again seems a bit slippery, but overall the mobile phone is excellent to hold because of the curve on the back.

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The OnePlusTwo, however, is a lot superior with its own 5 .5-inch screen. It actually is a phablet, and also one-handed use is not possible. The bezels encircling the display screen are likewise bigger than the Mi 4i, which gives the dimensions of the phone. In light of that the mobile phone capabilities a style which is unique. Internally, the mobile phone offers a metal frame, however outside the mobile phone has got both sandpaper such as finish or even a Lumia such as polycarbonate end.

Winner: Tie


Both of these mobile phones function as 1080p full HD screen. The major difference between the 2 mobile phones is the scale of the screen. The One plus One has the bigger 5.5-inch screen that provides 400 pixels per inch. The Mi 4i has got a small 5-inch display screen supplying 441 pixels per inch. Therefore the Mi 4i has got a rather clearer screen.

A nearer assessment of both equally displays show bigger variations. The OnePlusTwo has a LTPS IPS screen, although the Mi 4i has got a regular IPS display. We are now not discrediting the display screen on the OnePlusTwo; however the Mi 4i is simply a lot better. Before the Mi 4i, the display screen of the OnePlusTwo seems to be cleaned out. Its blacks are significantly less deep, as well as its own shades are less vibrant.

The OnePlusTwo just comes on the top if you would like for a big 5 .5-inch screen.

Winner: Mi 4i


Mi 4i Vs OnePlus Two
Source: Techradar

Although both the phones are powered by Android Lollipop, the mobile phones are really known for the customized Android (Bonus: Get Some Hidden Android Tricks In Lollipop, JellyBean & Kitkat Versions) ROMs they are powered by. The OnePlusTwo operates on Oxygen UI (official OS of OnePlus), and the Mi 4i runs on MiUI 6. Oxyegn UI on the OnePlusTwo appears and also feels as though stock Android on a Nexus mobile phone (way similar to CyanogenMod on OnePlus One). Nevertheless, it provides greatly more personalization choices.

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Indian customers of onePlus Two gets up-to-date to Oxygen OS, that is a brand new ROM that OnePlusTwo has got developed for its phones. OnePlus states that the ROM is going to be depending on Android Lollipop but will provide a user interface close to inventory Android, and it surely is. OnePlus Two users are loving it for its UI and are not very much satisified with battery of course.

Winner: Tie

Overall Performance

The OnePlusTwo can feel more quickly compared to the Mi 4i even with equivalent hardware. Each the products are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, and OnePlusTwo is packed with 3GB RAM for 16GB variant and 4GB RAM for64GB variant (OnePlusTwo). Since the OnePlusTwo mimics animations available on stock Android, in everyday operation the mobile phone feels quicker. Not too the Mi 4i is a gradual phone; the OnePlusTwo is merely slightly quicker. In reality, since the Mi 4i has got animations much like the iOS, it offers away the impression of becoming somewhat less quickly.

In promoting applications, these types of differences rely for small. The expertise on each the gadgets is bereft of the lag, which enables you to be described as buttery.

Winner: OnePlusTwo

Contact Quality As Well As Add-On’s

The OnePlusTwo includes twin speakers and also an additional microphone for sound termination, which guarantees its own call high quality and loudspeaker quality, is better than the Mi 4i. Right now, the variance between the contact qualities is not substantial, but we are able to say it is really minutely much better.

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The Mi 4i has an additional key of its very own. It provides an IR blaster that allows the consumer to manage the TV, Set top box, AC, as well as a few other accessories. In our exams, we were able to control our Samsung HDTV with the IR blaster, yet in no way managed to manage the Tata Sky set top box.

Winner: OnePlusTwo

Battery Power Life

In normal use, both equally the OnePlusTwo as well as the Xiaomi Mi 4i last a lot more than 20 hrs on a regular basis. When you place a gun to our head after that we will state maybe the Mi 4i lasts at least an hour a lot more than the OnePlusTwo. Both together gadgets have got huge batteries. The OnePlusTwo has an enormous 3,300mAh battery, although the Mi 4i has got a minutely lesser known 3,120mAh battery pack. As the OnePlusTwo has a larger 5.5-inch screen, it utilizes a bit more power. Actually the PC mark battery pack test implies the exact same. It is also believed that the latest MiUi 7 update will extend the battery life of devices running on it.

Winner: Mi 4i

Which One Is Much Better?

To be honest, it is really a restricted call between the OnePlusTwo along with the Xiaomi Mi 4i. When it comes to primary hardware performance, the Mi 4i excreted on the top with regards to screen quality, digital camera quality as well as build quality. In spite of this, should you be looking at the full package, after that the OnePlusTwo is the offer to choose because it provides 4G support, and also has got much more memory. However simultaneously, the OnePlusTwo additionally expenses Rs. 2,000 extra.

Round Up

Unless you mind the restricted memory along with the omission of 4G facilitates after that the Mi 4i is the much better phone. But when you need 4G and is ready to spend Rs. 2,000 much more for it, OnePlusTwo is the mobile phone for you personally. Finally, this is the best we could deliver to you on Mi 4i Vs OnePlusTwo. If you like our work, Please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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