As, it is already mentioned in the previous post on Heartbleed, recently there has been a vulnerability in OpenSSL. Heartbleed is a bug that has nearly affected millions of websites and the User’s private information at risk. As already discussed, it is advised to change all the passwords for the frequently used websites and websites which contain your private details.
For most of us, still a doubt persists whether the website you doubt affected is actually affected or not. There’s a solution to find that too. The Security software solutions company McAfee, (Anti-virus software) has released a free tool to help its customers to find out their susceptibility to the potentially dangerous Heartbleed Bug.
You can find a special tool in the software as Heartbleed checker tool. By entering the website domain names into that dialogue box, people can check whether the website is affected by the Heartbleed Bug and whether the website has upgraded to the new version of OpenSSL which is insusceptible to that bug.
It surely is very important that you update your credentials and check for the affect through McAfee. It is very helpful that the anti virus software McAfee had released this new tool to check the susceptibility of the websites to the attack of heartbleed. 
This new tool is for free and was released two days ago on 15th April. McAfee was already one of the finest and also popular antivirus software. It perhaps wanted to increase the users ratio of its Anti-virus, which made the company work on this bug and provide this free tool which checks for the affect on website.
However, the bug has been found out two years post it started its affect. Couldn’t estimate the people affected by it. Hackers are so good at what they did, that they had left no single clue to identify the bug. Problem is resolved completely by now, which gives us a relief.