Internet is the basic need for a man these days. And in further, speed is the major requirement while browsing. There are several browsers available which gives you more speed while accessing the WEB. The most popular one’s are the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But, Mozilla however is slow sometimes and there has also been some crash issues. There is also Maxthon browser that is available in the market. This is slightly less popular compared to Chrome and Mozilla, but offers its best while working on it. Before discussing about this, let me tell you something about Chrome.


Though this browser is widely used through the world, it has its disadvantages. Chrome is considered to be the fastest web browser to surf and it might be true for some extent. But, the problem with this browser is that, it uses a lot of system’s RAM and in turn slows down the system. It heats up the processor very fast than any other process that runs on the system. Unless you have a brand new PC or Laptop with high RAM capacity and Processor speed, this Chrome Web Browser is not¬†advisable.


The other disadvantage are the Ads running on the browser. You can see number of ads on you browser if you use chrome. It looks so clumsy when ads occupy major part of your screen. When you are about to download something, you must be very keen on where to click. The ads will be all around similar to the Icon you need to click and may lead to somewhere else you are not intended to go.

Speed is what the chrome is famous for. But, personally I don’t recommend it for speed. Since it uses a lot of CPU usage, it slows down your PC and you can get speed only if you have a very good internet connection. Chrome, however does not boost up the browsing speed.


Though there are disadvantages, Chrome also has some advantages. I have mentioned about the Ads that appear in the Chrome. There is an extension for blocking these Ads. Of course, the AD BLOCK extension will be available for all the Web Browsers. But, Chrome has a wide range of extensions available which is considered to be the major advantage.

Now that I have given you enough on Chrome, lets move to the main topic on  Maxthon Browser.


Maxthon Browser is a freeware web browser developed in China. It comes with all the features similar to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It offers a good interface on the home screen of the Browser and is faster than Chrome. Works exactly fine on Windows OS.

Maxthon Browser


Maxthon Browser has some advantages to Chrome.

  • Maxthon does not use lot of RAM or CPU usage.
  • It keeps the PC’s working condition optimized while working on it.
  • It never slows down the system’s performance.
  • It does not confuse the users by displaying unnecessary Ads. It just displays the genuine Ads ( like in a blog). You will never have to use an Ad Block here.
  • It in fact is the best to open some websites which will not be responded to Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Maxthon boosts up the internet connection to some extent and tries to open the web page faster.


  • Maxthon does not have a 100/100 on ACID test while Chrome and Mozilla does.
  • It does not have wide range of good extensions available on its store as Chrome does. This is the major disadvantage.

So, if you are the one who want more speed and less CPU usage, you could prefer Maxthon to Chrome. Works perfectly fine and smooth. You will never be dissatisfied unless, you chose to have more extensions installed.