Finally, Google now has come up with a referral program by name “Google Apps Referral Program.” Being the most trusted site on the web, we cannot expect any fake or spam programs like we find on web in general. If you think it is a fake, then you must be the one among those that are about to loose handsome of money. Google being the top site on the web, it is offering an amount of $7.50 for each referral. Isn’t that great? You just simply refer your link to your friends and get $7.50 on your account.

Need To Fill Bank Details?

At the time of sign up, you need not fill any of your bank account details. There are just few fields like your name, email etc to be filled at the time of signing up. So, do not worry at all about being spammed. Once you start referring people with your unique referral link given, the amount in your account gets increased. There isn’t any official declaration on the minimum threshold of this referral program. But, once you reach the threshold, you will be asked to enter your account details and that’s it. Your account will be debited with the amount you earned by referring this Google Apps referral program.

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How To Start Using Google Apps Referral Program?

It is very simple to use Google Apps referral program. All you need to do is, go to the sign up page, fill your details and wait for the mail. You will be given your unique referral URL with an extra of 2 voucher coupons that you could give your viewers, customers or friends to avail the benefits of 300 INR cash back on any Google App purchases. So, there’s a lot that you can make out of this.

  • On the home page of this Google Apps referral program, you can see a screen like this.

Google Apps Referral Program

  • Click on start free trail and then fill the details. You will be observing a screen displaying “Thank You.”
  • Check your mail and start promoting your URL to earn money from Google Apps referral program.

Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions are very simple.

  • You can promote it through Emails, Social Networks etc. But if you are promoting it through emails, there should be an option to opt out of further emails displayed.
  • No bribes or incentives should be offered to anyone for registering through your referral links.
  • You should not use the Logo or Name of Google while promoting.
  • You get paid every month through Wire Transfer.
  • If someone registers through your referral link, you get paid for that. There is no cookie tracking.

Contact Me For Discounts In Google App Purchases

As I already have mentioned above, everyone who registers gets two voucher codes. So, the first two to contact me can avail the codes I was given. So, register for Google Apps referral program and make money easily today.


  1. Hey.. Thanks for the great info..
    I have a doubt. If someone downloads through my link will I get paid ?.. OR I will get paid only if they purchases any paid app..

    • Hey, thanks for the compliment. And to answer your query, Its just a referral program. There’s no need to purchase something. Once someone registers through your link, you will be paid by Google with 7.50$ approx.

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