If you have any plans of modifying or customizing your Android apps, then you must be familiar with Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) and Fastboot Commands. This is because it will help you to carry out the vital operations easily even when your Android device is softly broken. Basically, the ABD/Fastboot Commands enable you to customize your Android device with the help of a PC. So, today in my post I will provide you the list of most used ADB/Fastboot Commands that prove to be beneficial because of the frequent usage.

install adb fastboot drivers

Pre-Requisites For Using ABD/Fastboot Commands

Before carrying out any operation, there always are pre-requisites. And this case is no different! So, before using ABD/Fastboot commands, make sure you are well-equipped

Once, you have fulfilled these basic requirements, you can proceed to use the ABD/Fastboot commands in order to customize your phone.

List of Most Used ADB Commands

list of most used adb fastboot commands

S.No. ABD Commands Function
1 adb devices Shows the exact number of Android devices that are connected to the PC
2 adb install Installs an .apk application
3 adb pull Copies file from the Android device to PC
4 adb push Copies file from PC to Android device
5 adb get-serialno Shows the serial number of the connected Android device
6 adb logcat Displays log file on the screen
7 adb jdwp Shows JDWP processes
8 adb get-status Shows the status of the Android device
9 adb wait-for-device Displays the progress time/time needed to complete the command/delay time for the next command
10 adb bugreport Shows three element on the screen: dump sys, dump state and logcat data
11 adb start-server Starts the ADB server process
12 adb kill-server Stops the ADB server
13 adb shell Launches remote shell console
14 adb help Displays the help contents for ADB
15 adb install <path_to_apk> Installs an apk file at a specified chosen location
16 adb pull <device><local> Copies file from Android device to system
17 adb push <device><local> Copies file from system to Android device
18 adb shell [shellcommand] Allows using a particular command only after which the shell gets terminated
19 forward <local><device> Forwards the socket connections from the ports of PC to Android device
20 ppp <tty> [parmeters] Allows PPP connection over USB connection


List of Most Used Fastboot Commands

list of most used ADB/Fastboot commands

S.No. Fastboot Commands Function
1 adb fastboot Enables fastboot mode on your Android device
2 fastboot flash <xxxxx>.zip Flashes a .zip file in the fastboot mode
3 fastboot flash recovery <xxxx.img> Flashes recovery image
4 fastmood flash boot <xxxx.img> Flashes kernel image
5 fastboot getvar cid Displays the device CID
6 fastboot erase system/data/cache Clears system data and cache
7 fastboot flash system/data/cache [system/cache/data.img] Flashes image of system, data, and cache
8 fastboot oem get_identifier_token Generates identification token of the device
9 fastboot oem flash Unlock_code.bin Unlocks bootloader
10 fastboot oem lock Locks bootloader
11 fastboot devices Displays connected devices
12 adb reboot bootloader Boot your device in either bootloader mode or fastboot mode
13 abd reboot recovery Boots the device into recovery mode
14 adb reboot fastboot Reboots the device directly into fastboot mode
15 fastboot reboot bootloader Reboots the Android device from fastboot mode to fastboot mode again
16 fastboot flash recovery Flashes custom recovery on your Android device

Wrap Up

I have covered most the most frequently used ABD/Fastboot Commands. But still, if you are in a need of any particular command, then you can tell about the requirement in the comment section below. Please remember that messing your Android device by using ABD/Fastboot Commands without proper knowledge can brick your device. So, be careful while using the commands. Have fun customizing your device!