Card tricks, hollowed out hats, magic wands, being sawed in half, all of these are great, classical tricks you can perform to get some social points. Knowing how to do a couple of easy magic tricks is a great way to please the crowd at a family event or otherwise. Magic is also a lot of fun to do. There are some great, surefire ways to learn magic especially in a bustling city like Melbourne. So let us get started:

Get Help Online

You are sure to find lots of tips and tricks online on how to be a good magician. You can even find venues where you can perform as an amateur, you can get updated with magic related events and festivals and attend them too. Maybe you will find magic counsellors to guide you through your journey as a beginner magician. Another great way to take help online is through videos on YouTube. Look up easy magic tricks and try to recreate them in your own setting over and over again. You may also get some easy, never before seen, great ideas that could turn into instant party pleasers.

Find Nearby Magic Schools

For children, the Melbourne Magic School is a very reputed magic school which hosts magic shows and other magic related events and aims to teach children how to do magic. Since you are looking to performing easy magic tricks, you can talk to the teachers and demonstrators in the school for a few tips for yourself.

Practice Your Tricks with an Audience

There are two things that you need to keep in mind: Magicians also have to be great performers, even at a beginner level; and all tricks, even easy ones, need lots of practice. So you can gather up a bunch of your friends and family and ask them to help you out. Show your tricks to everyone individually and see if any person gets surprised or is able to figure out the trick you used. If you bore your audience, they will not care for your tricks and leave and if you only perform but have mediocre tricks, you will again be losing votes.

Talk to Reputed Magicians Nearby

A great example of a magician who is not too far from your vicinity is Magician Drvyomsharma from Melbourne. You can find him on his website which offers prompt replies to any queries you may have. Search for his shows and visit them to gain some insight on how to be able to do magic tricks while leaving the audience in absolute awe. If you can score a chance, try to talk to him or any other Melbourne based magician and take some wisdom they impart as magicians.

Visit a Magic Shop

In magic shops, you can find many toys and objects that could give you great ideas for magic trips. Doing magic with props that are designed for magic tricks is also considerably easier than doing magic with everyday objects.