Lamborghini models

The Lamborghinis are a world-class cars having an upper hand in the market ever since they set their foot in it. They are admired all over the world for its design and marvelous engineering. There are multiple variants of the Lamborghini; one among them is, the all new Lamborghini Aventador. In this article, you get to know the Lamborghini Aventador Price and specifications.

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Before moving into the specifications of this lovely beast Lamborghini Aventador, let me tell you a short story on how the Lamborghini was found. There are rumors floating around the interweb, but there is no legitimate proof to prove the story.

Over 50years ago an Italian man who owned a successful Tractor company(and an Engineer) was  interested to buy a sports car. He had visited the Ferrari( leading company by then) and bought the all new Ferrari(model unknown). As he was driving the Car, he found few faults in the model and came up with few suggestions for it. He notified the owner of the Ferrari, Mr. Enzo Ferrari about this, but ended receiving negative result. It is believed that, he was ridiculed by Mr. Enzo Ferrari, that he should input his ideas in manufacturing tractors and not supercars.  The Italian manufacturing magnate, Ferruccio Lamborghini started his manufacturing sports car, in competition to the Ferrari. And here we are today, with Lamborghini in the leading position in the market.

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Lamborghini Aventador price

On the 15th anniversary of the giant manufacturer – Lamborghini, introduced one of the greatest cars of all time – The Lamborghini Aventador. It is the new king ruling the Lamborghini family tree. People loved the Murcielago for years and now the Aventador has taken that place.

It looks spectacular in the Matte finish. The head lamps look gorgeous accompanied with the day time running lights are as beautiful as women’s smile. At the rear, it has the open glass Engine with the wicked look tale lamps and in addition to that is the spoiler that raises the speed. On the whole, The Lamborghini Aventador looks aggressive, yet subtly amazing.


Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador has massive wheels with huge carbon brakes, 19inch front and 20inch rear. The car is barely low with the scissor doors with a fabulous look. It has six and half litre, V12 engine with 700 Horse Power (HP) and torque of 500 which has the capacity to raise the speed from 0 to 62 miles/hr in 2.9sec. Blazing fast, isn’t it? The top speed is electronically limited to 217miles/hr(max). It is equipped with a 7-speed gear box. Another innovation in the Aventador is the push-rod style suspension which keeps the wheels planted and the car stable. It has a lot of room with a great driving position. The rear visibility  is poor  which is not suitable while reversing, but it has the parking sensors with a rear view camera (as every modern car).The steering wheel is adjustable to your comfort. Through the collaboration of Audi and Lamborghini they improve the existing whole MMI system. The center stack is angled perfectly for monitoring the control of sound system, navigation and other.


The TFT gauge is a screen with clear view from the driving seat. It is surrounded by fiber, which ensures that the car is structurally rigid and safe. Apart from any of that, this car ruptures your brain when you press the throttle. There are 3 drive modes available: STRADA ,SPORT,CORSA. The Strada is the normal mode where the exhaust is a bit quite and the shifts are a bit late. On popping in to the Sport mode, the shifts gets little quicker. But for the real Lamborghini experience, you need to shift into Corsa mode; then feel that throbbing pull of toruqe, as the car redlines in each gear. Ears ringing, hearts pounding and a smile plastered to your face.

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Obviously, all of this does not come at a cheap price. The Lamborghini Aventador price ranges from 3.7 – 4.8 Cr INR. It would rather be inappropriate to discuss the fuel mileage of such a supercar- it is a measly 5kmpl. However, It’s wild, brash and aggressive look which is what you exactly want from a Lamborghini.

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