Here Comes The iPhone 6s Launch Time!

iPhone 6S launch event had already started at 10:30 PM! Curious Tech Geeks can watch the launch on Apple devices and via Microsoft’s new Edge Browser on Windows 10 after comparing their time in GMT. The launch will clear out many rumours that are making rounds among the inquisitive tech lovers. Just before official announcements from iPhone 6s launch event, we are bringing you the information about the features of the iPhone 6S.

What’s New In iPhone 6S?

The most interesting thing about the brand new iPhone 6S is that it might add one more colour option- Rose Gold. Earlier, iPhones were available in three colours: silver, gold and space gray. It is also expected that iPhone 6S will be having a faster A9 processor with 2 GB of RAM which will sure improve the speed, stability and the multitasking activities of iPhone 6S as compared to its predecessor. A good news for all the photo-clickers, iPhone 6S will flaunt a 12MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera with 4K video recording.

What else is available in iPhone 6S apart from these up gradations? The answer is Force Touch features. Force Touch is an amazing advancement that will give a pressure sensitive screen to iPhone 6S that will be able to recognize the three dimensions of the touch. Along with Force Touch, many new features will be lined up in iPhone 6S.

In addition to that, the 7000 series aluminium is expected to be used while making iPhone 6S. This might make the device a bit thicker but without doubt, it will make the new iPhone 6S stronger. We would like to tell our readers that thicker iPhone 6S doesn’t mean that it has to be heavy. Yeah, you are right if you are thinking that iPhone 6S will lighter than its forerunner.

Get Time To Time Updates Of the iPhone 6s Launch Event

Should You Buy iPhone 6S?

If you have a good budget, then the answer is yes. You should definitely go for iPhone 6S because of its up gradations that will make the device run very smoothly and flawlessly. Who knows it better than the tech lovers that iPhone 6S is all about perfection? When you will buy the brand new iPhone 6S you will own a perfect fast processor, a perfect camera, a perfect speed and the revolutionary Force Touch that will add more perfection to the perfect device.

Alright, did you get me? With so many ‘perfect’ words, we are trying to tell you that buying iPhone 6S will be a perfect decision that you will never regret. Wait for the official launch till then, make a comparison and then take your decision wisely! If you like our work, Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.