iOS 9 release date

Leaving behind MacBook’s, iOS has been one of the most trusted and stable OS in Smart Phones. As I can see from my personal experience, the general public will never hesitate to purchase an Apple product, if it wasn’t for the price. The stability and performance of the iOS is unbeatable. In the recent WWDC event, Apple announced on iOS 9. So, when could be the iOS 9 release date? What are the features added? What devices will support iOS 9? Aren’t you interested in knowing about them? If you’re interested in all of them, then this is exclusively for you.

No matter which device you own, Apple products always sound as a pretty good choice. We have already seen iOS 8, with great improvements compared to the previous iOS versions. iOS 9 has some notable updates which will be discussed below. So, let’s start with the significant features added to iOS 9.

New Improved Features In iOS 9

With every update, iOS gets much better. As we heard many times, Apple stated the same this time: “iOS 9 is the most intelligent, most refined iOS release ever.” Though that might sound silly to hear every time, it’s pretty close to the reality. With every update, the hardware, stability and performance [issues] are being made more user friendly. iOS 9 has some improvements to the existing softwares in the previous iOS versions. An overview on them is pinned down.


iOS 9 update siri

The first and foremost feature we need to discuss when it’s Apple, would be Siri. Siri is the companion to the iOS user. With the latest iOS 9 update, Siri would be much more better. An estimate of about 1billion searches are made using Siri on iDevices. With the recent iOS 9 uodate, Siri gives you 40% faster and more accurate results. You can also search Photos/Videos taken at a particular place or in a particular date. Siri is also updated to handle more types of requests.

iOS – Additional Feature

With the number of users using iOS, voice searches etc, it is okay sometimes and on the other end, it still is little boring. iOS 9 features an additional pack, which stores all the data, for example: like the App you open frequently at particular times. It stores the data and predicts the move you are about to make. It asks for your permission to launch that particular app. Depending on few factors like Time & location etc, it prompts you to open a specific app. Or suppose you plugged in the ear-phones: iOS prompts you to play the recently played & most frequently playes songs on your device.


iOS 9 details
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iOS 9, with this update added the multi-tasking feature. Like in Windows 8/8.1, multi-tasking has been much simpler with two different tabs working simultaneously on the screen. In the very similar manner, iOS 9 helps you to simply use two apps simultaneously on your iDevice. However, the multi-tasking feature cannot be found on iPhones. They are restricted to iPad’s.

Battery Life: Sustainability

This, I personally don’t feel like adding up. Every time, with the new update, developers promise this. However, in the reality, this doesn’t add up a lot. Smart Phones these days have very low battery life. The reasons might however be, running background apps, high brightness, 3G or 4G/LTE internet speed, constant screen display usage etc. Hence, improvement in Battery life might not be considered as an added feature with the iOS 9 update.

 Notes: With Visualized Content

With the iOS 9 update, you can now use Notes to easily add To-Do check lists, draw sketches you would like to. It also has an option to add visual notes by accessing your camera, and you can import other content from Safari, Maps etc.

Above mentioned are few notable updates in the recently announced iOS 9 update.

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iOS 9 Release Date

iOS 9 developer beta version is already available on the store today. However, public beta version will be made available by the end of this month (probably) or in the early July. But, before installing the public beta version, be sure to know that your iPhone may not work stable and smooth. That is how the Beta versions work. The complete iOS 9 version will be rolling out in the mid-September.

Devices That Support iOS 9

iOS 9 will be made available to the devices that run iOS 8. Hence iOS 9 can be expected from iPhone 4s to all the other higher models from there. The devices that support iOS 9 are mentioned below.

iPhone: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus.

iPad: iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3.

iPod: iPod touch 5th Gen

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