Apple is one of the famous brands in the world. Be it a iPhone, iPad or anything, Apple has its value. Even the products are priced very high, people usually tend to buy its products for better user experience. The Apple users have increased in great number. There recently has been a release of the next iOS update in India. Apple had released its previous update iOS7 around 1 year back and it has now come up with its new update of iOS 8.



Apple had recently launched its new version of iPhone in two different variants. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. There are users who loved it as usual, but many this time are not satisfied. The reason for this not particular though. The over pricing of the phone while there are many phones in the market that does a lot better than these might be one of the reason. The live streaming of the launch of these phones did not go well. Many users faced a delay and sometimes crash of the video. They needed to reload again to stream live. Apart from this inconsistency in the streaming, the phones however are consistent, which makes the Apple brand unique and popular too. These phones are expected to be launched on 29th of this month. For further information on the competition of Android and windows with iPhone, click here.


The latest update of iOS is the iOS 8. The update has come live in India by 17/9/2013 in the late night. Whenever there is an update from the Apple, it is normal to have great number of users waiting eagerly to get it ASAP. Due to this, sometimes there might be some issues that users will be facing. Nevertheless, the anxiety never ends when it comes to APPLE. The specifications of iOS 8 are not yet known. Users who have already downloaded might be able to tell. But the expected specifications would be :

  • Touch ID for all Apps.
  • SMS and Phone Calls on MAC.
  • iOS 8 Camera time-lapse mode.
  • Handoff and Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Group messages with voice and video.
  • Interactive notifications.
  • And some other updates too.

These are some of the expected updates of iOS 8. You could know about all these in detail here.


This software update of Apple is compatible for all devices of Apple starting from iPhone 4s. Any latest device can be able to download this update.

The best time to download this update is not right now. There might be some bugs that exists in the latest update. You must choose to wait for sometime and study the reviews and then update your device. To know the top 5 reasons that you shouldn’t be updating soon, click here.